Forever 21 For When You’re Not 21

Generally, I love shopping. It’s relaxing for me… and most definitely less expensive than therapy.


However, there are a few stores that I avoid like the plague. From their overpowering cheap perfume stink, to their blasting music and worst of all, catastrophic mess of displays, I see stores like that and I just keep walking.

Nope. No, thanks.

No relaxing going on over there… just a reminder that I’m officially old. As if my newly developed sprinkling of random grey hairs wasn’t enough!


FOREVER 21 has always been one of those stores on my DO NOT ENTER list… probably since I’ve been 22! Occasionally, I would find some great stand-out pieces online for myself or for clients, but I always approached that retailer with the lowest of expectations and rarely in-person. However, after reading up on some changes going on over at F21 HQ (via THE WALL STREET JOURNAL), I might be giving my retail nemesis another shot.

Here’s the scoop: the fast fashion powerhouse is now looking to shift its target marketing from the tween-set, to the more sophisticated and grown-up late-millennials.

What does that mean for us old-fogies?


You’ll be seeing a lot more better-fitting, better-quality, grown-up attire, in addition to some higher end brands mixed in with F21 merchandise. You’ll also probably be seeing a lot more F21 on celebrity sightings in your latest issue of US Weekly… because there ain’t no culotte party until we see J.Lo’s infamous booty in them!


I’ve scoured the digital racks and here are my favorite pieces currently available at FOREVER 21:

(click on the image for shopping details!)

Fast fashion is a tricky business and one that I’m not totally sold on (both for quality, as well as ethical reasons). As you know, I always advocate buying the best quality within your budget. I do understand that everyone’s budget differs and with all of the options out there there is no reason a $100 shopping budget can’t be as stylish as a $10,000 shopping budget. Sometimes, when all you want is a simple striped t-shirt or a trendy pair of pants, nothing is better than fast fashion. That’s where stores like F21 come in.

So, will you be giving F21 a shot? What are some of your favorite fast fashion finds?



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