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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.6

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1. I’m not gonna lie… this sort of wacky SKIN CARE REGIMEN has me extremely intrigued. (

2. Anyone else feel the intense desire to cut all of their hair off after the wear + tear of summer? If so, I highly recommend you read THIS GUIDE for major hair inspiration and learn how to break each cut down to your stylist. (

3. Once you read THIS EXPLANATION of the 90’s one-hit-wonder, “Macarena” you’ll never be the same. (

4. Before you take that next selfie, you must see these PRO TIPS FOR CREATING THE PERFECT INSTAGRAM SELFIE. (

5. Make your fireplace the dramatic focal point of your home with this handy GUIDE TO EASY MANTLE DECOR. (

6. This week had me like… woah. This KIWI CAIPIRINHA is looking better and better by the minute. (

7. ‘Tis the holiday weekend of sales, but beware — bad purchases lurk around every discounted corner! Some words of advice: stay away from the summer leftovers and try to find pieces that can easily make the transition to fall and colder temps. Here, let me help:

So… big plans for the holiday weekend? 

My weekend is going to be a blend of birthday celebration (I can’t believe my not-so-little guy is turning 7!!!), my first ever country music concert (THIS is what I’m wearing) and some family time with my parents who are flying in from NY to spend a few days with us. Oh, and let’s not forget my big Fantasy Football draft day — I’m hoping to redeem my 9th place finish from last year! Hopefully, the rain will pass and we’ll be left with sunshine and blue skies.

Cheers to the long weekend!


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