Quintessential Fall

All of the ridiculous pumpkin spice bullsh*t aside — I never understood the obsession!? — the fall season always evokes very specific images and feelings for me, especially when it comes to style.

Warmth, texture, neutral tones, wine colored accents… just to name a few. That’s MY quintessential fall.

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Now, let’s break down this look!

•  The Striped Shirt:  This item is on my very exclusive, “Seasonless Staple” list. It’s one of those things that can easily transition season-to-season, year-after-year. For clothing like this, why not upgrade to the best quality for your money/budget?  SAINT JAMES is the brand by which all other striped shirts should be measured. It’s the O.G. The first and truly the best. One word of caution — SAINT JAMES shirts are not made to be extremely form fitting or stretchy. It’s more of a stiff, androgynous cut, yet universally flattering and can hold up to countless wash and wears. If you haven’t tried their shirts yet, I highly recommend you do.


•  The Distressed Black Jean:  I bought this item on a whim last spring to mix up my denim collection a bit– you can check out their debut HERE. I haven’t looked back. The faded black is a nice alternative to traditional denim and the slight distressing give the jeans more personality and interest.


 The Modern Loafer:  I have to say, loafers have come a long way from their original mom-shoe status.  As much as I love heels, they’re not always the most practical choice for most women and it’s nice to find an alternative that equally stylish, but actually comfortable for long days on the go. COACH has managed to really deliver this season in the shoe department. Although I have definitely overlooked the brand in the past, I was sort of eating crow when I was hunting for fall flats for my clients. I love the updated platform loafer this season — the slightly tapered toe box keeps the style streamlined, not clunky.


•  The Sleeveless Coat:  Honestly, I can’t get enough of this transitional superstar. From the VEST I spoke about last Friday, to this WRAP-AROUND COAT, I’m constantly drawn to this simple style. I love it for day– layered over basics like these, or as an elegant topper for night. Consider this a much more refined and sophisticated take on the ubiquitous puffer vest that you see everywhere each fall.


•  The Floppy Hat:  Everyone needs a floppy hat in their lives. I have yet to see a woman who didn’t look good in one. Try it… you might just pleasantly surprise yourself.


•  The Structured Crossbody:  I can’t think of a single luxury brand that has come such a long way in such a short time in terms of defining modern accessory style, as CHLOE. I’ve been wearing my FAYE bag every opportunity I can and have been admiring the DREW for months. Now, welcome the GOLDIE. All of the Chloé bags are so beautiful to look at and completely functional. I’m always amazed at how much I can fit into my little FAYE and how comfortable the cross-body strap is. Enough of my Chloé, love-fest… Just take my word that you’re going to be seeing these undertstated bags everywhere. If you like the style of the GOLDIE, but not the price tag (ouch!!) — take a look at a few of the much more budget friendly options below!


•  The Makeup: I’ve been preaching about the RMS Beauty makeup line for about a year now. The all natural, organically derived makeup is actually good for your skin. Rather than mask your beauty, the RMS line is all about naturally highlighting your best features by creating a glow from within. For fall, I am all about the lips: natural skin, flushed cheeks (like you just came inside from a crisp, fall day) and a rich, wine stained lip. Since I’m no makeup expert, I love that this entire line can be applied with your fingertips. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


What’s YOUR quintessential fall look?


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