Lace-Up Top


Clearly, great style is always in the details.

At least it is in the case of the lace-up top. With the move to fall fashion, the summer off-the shoulder looks have been stored away and promptly replaced with the lace-up. From tops, to sweaters, tunics and even formal dresses, the lace-up detail has made its way into designers’ collections and retail racks. Hopefully, it will be making it’s way into my closet! …Like the fashion version of #GetInMyBELLY!

This past week, I spied the Instagram look on one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Mary Seng of HAPPILY GREY. Isn’t that ISABEL MARANT SWEATER to die for!? You’ll die when you see the price tag, too. Start saving, girls.

As a more fiscally attractive alternative, I’ve styled a similar top that won’t break the bank. From day-to-night, you’ll want to wear these lace-up looks all season.



Whether tucked in, or left out tunic style, the LACE-UP TOP provides just enough detail to make any outfit a standout. As a style bonus, the lace-up top plays off this season’s fringe trend in the most fantastic way and brings each look together.

How about those booties? (I’m talking about the shoes, people!) The FREDA SALVADOR BOOTIES are such a fun casual addition to a daytime wardrobe, don’tcha think? I love the unusual cafe-au-lait color! Unfortunately, only limited sizing is left (they’re on MAJOR sale, now!). If you can’t score your size in the color above, you can feast your eyes on this TAUPE STAMPED CROCODILE version! What I love best about these shoes (besides everything…) is that the hardness and “kilt” can be removed to leave behind what I think is a classic chelsea boot. Swoon…

Ok, last note — If you’re looking for a classic (real) SUEDE PENCIL SKIRT, look no further than H&M. Seriously. I was shocked at how well made those skirts were and the details (exposed zipper, slits, etc.) involved. It looks way more expensive than the price tag, which is something I am always in support of!

How do you guys feel about the lace-up? Is it a style you can see yourself in this season, or are you going to be taking a pass? Let me know in the comments below!



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