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how to wear a blanket scarf fall 2015
Over the years there are a few things I’ve learned when it comes to strategic shopping. Decades of experience has taught me that winter coats, boots and especially accessories (scarves!!!) sell out before the first snowflakes fall.

At least the good ones do.

how to style a blanket scarf fall 2015

Last year, the blanket scarf was all of the rage on social media feeds. I’m sure you’ve come across that extra large knit accessory in assorted patterns and color-ways scrolling through INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK. I’m guilty of the “SCARF-IE” — can we really make that a thing this year?

I bought my own collection of blanket scarves early on in the season because I had a feeling that a statement-making, reasonably priced accessory that is both functional and pretty to look at would sell out in a blink of an eye. Well, I was right.

how to style a blanket scarf fall 2015

There is no question that the blanket scarf will make its grand arrival shortly and this year, there is no reason you shouldn’t be prepared.


(click on the images for source + pricing details!)

Lastly, I thought I might add a few quick style notes:

1. If you are petite, please don’t shy away from the blanket scarf. Instead, focus on fabrication and materials when making your purchase. Rather than go for the fluffy, thick, oversized versions, you and your smaller frame would benefit for a smoother, more streamlined version that is not as overwhelming.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Multi-loop your scarf, drape it around your neck once, or wrap around your shoulders and belt like a cape (a great choice for the petite ladies we spoke about in #1!)… There are so many good options that can totally switch up the look of a scarf and add so much personality to your everyday look.


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