Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.8

Friday Link Love

  1. Have you ever wondered about that weird eyelid twitch that can’t be explained?! Well, NOW IT CAN. (

  2. Your monthly cellphone bill can be doozy. Why not put your phone to work with these 7 APPS THAT CAN EARN YOU SOME EXTRA MONEY? For real. (

  3. Emily Henderson might be one of my favorite home designers and she’s adorable to boot. Check out HER HOUSE TOUR featured in Good Housekeeping and pick up a few tricks of the trade! (

  4. It seems as thought every pre-teen generation has their own unique bracelet trend. Remember slap bracelets?! I may have just dated myself. Check out this HISTORY OF TEEN BRACELET CRAZES and take a walk down middle school memory lane. (

  5. I definitely did not stay up to watch the CNN Republican Debate in it’s entirety, but I DID laugh hysterically when I took a look at this slideshow of 17 THINGS THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES LOOKED LIKE AT THE DEBATE. #NailedIt. (

  6. What’s 5 ingredients, a one pot meal and easy to make on a weeknight? This BUTTERNUT SQUASH ARUGULA + GOAT CHEESE PASTA! (

  7. As I may have mentioned in the past, I’ve been lusting after THESE BOOTS (Oh, and THESE too!) for a long time. What can I say… I have expensive taste. I also know a great designer dupe when I see one and when I spied these LOEFFLER RANDALL BUCKLE BOOTIES on SHOPBOP this morning, I immediately thought of what a good (more affordable) stand in they would make! Hold out for the dream boots, or buy the almost identical and very stylish alternative?! Thoughts?

You guys awake over there? Hooray for Friday.

I can’t seem to get enough of these crisp mornings lately! Even though temps are still hitting the low 80’s in these parts, walking outside in the early morning has been so refreshing. It almost makes my 5 am wake-ups more enjoyable. Almost… Coffee helps too. Definitely a highlight to my week. 

Now, for the lowlight: I ran out of all of my skincare products at once — don’t you HATE when that happens? I know, I know… major First World problems. Given that most of my skincare regimen ain’t cheap (except for these OIL OF OLAY 4-IN-1 DAILY FACIAL CLOTHS — they’re the BEST!) replacing it all simultaneously is kind of a financial buzzkill.

Have a happy weekend! I’ll be over on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM + TWITTER if you need me!




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