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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.9

Friday Link Love
1. Another reason to stay out late tonight: the BLOOD RED SUPERMOON! Isn’t the Universe cool? (

2. The times (and the spray-tans), they are a changin’! Learn all about the Red Carpet decline of the once ubiquitous, ORANGE GLOW. (

3. Got a birthday coming up and want to wow your friends/family with your cake making prowess? Here are 13 GENIUS WAYS TO MAKE A CAKE LIKE A BOSS! (

4. Check out this Idaho family’s DREAM KITCHEN MAKEOVER. It’s simply stunning. (

5. Some much needed advice on HOW TO TAKE A COMPLIMENT. This is an important must read for all women. (

6. Today’s recipe comes courtesy of a reader with a very enthusiastic stamp of approval: PAN-SEARED SCALLOPS WITH ESCAROLE AND WHITE BEANS! Yum. When can I come over? (

7. Sale Alert!!! New styles have been recently added to the virtual sale rack at one of my all-time favorite stores: INTERMIX. Get my favorite PLAID SHIRT at a major discount, as well as this amazing SUEDE MOTO JACKET and flattering-on-everyone SUNGLASSES. (

So quick story for you guys:

I’m in the car with my 4 year-old and she asks me about my upcoming birthday. I tell her Mommy is going to turn 1 year older on Saturday and out of nowhere, she literally starts bawling in the backseat. When I ask her why she’s crying, she says:

“I don’t want you to get old! I want you to always be my Mommy!!!”

Sigh… You and me, both kid. You and me, both.

We may all eventually get older on the surface, but here’s to never getting old at heart! Cheers to the weekend ahead and all my fellow birthday Libras!

The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno

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