4 Styles of Pants Every Woman Should Own


Everyone always has their preferences and strong opinions about what kind of pants are on trend and this season is no exception. We’ve recently seen the introduction of a few new silhouettes like WIDE LEGS, CULOTTES and even MOM JEANS and I’ll be the first to admit that these looks are absolutely not for everyone unless you’re more the adventurous type, a model, or employed by the fashion industry.

Today’s post is all about sorting through the sartorial noise and focusing in on only the classic styles of pants that will be flattering on the majority and here to stay for a long, long time.



These are no doubt the MVP of your pants. Women love them — so do men. They mold to your body and highlight your best… ahem… assets. They’re also versatile workhorses and can be easily dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with your softest tee and sneakers. The COLLECTIVE HORROR THAT SKINNIES WERE OUT rocked the nation, but don’t worry, these spandex wonders are here to stay.




Slightly less popular than the skinnies, boyfriend styles have been gaining traction. These days everything from CHINOS to DESTROYED BOYFRIEND DENIM can be found to suit your personal style. I will say that boyfriend jeans require a bit more patience and work on your part to find the perfect fit. Adjusting sizing and brands and trying on as many pairs as possible, ensures you end up with the most flattering style. But when you do… they are oh, so good! The looser, casual style is a nice contrast when paired with more formal, structured tops.




Flares get my vote for most figure flattering bottoms. Their long, lean style and gradual flare below the knee balance out hips and visually trick the eye, making the wearer appear pounds thinner and inches taller. Flares are also the most office appropriate out of the bunch and make for a great suiting option for those of you in more formal work environments.




Leather, suede, pleather, coated denim… any of these denim alternatives fall into this category. What we’re looking for here is an alternative to the standard texture and materials typically found in your closet. Leather can provide this great edge to an otherwise very vanilla style and makes even your most basic white t-shirt “outfit-worthy.” The thicker, structured materials never hurt anyone either when it comes to sucking everything in and slimming out the silhouette!


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