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With the holiday season gearing up in a few weeks and people hitting the road/sky for tropical vacations, family visits and end-of-year celebrations, I figured there was no better time than the present to chat travel style.

I’m sure at this point you’ve seen your share of “Get The Celebrity Airport Look!” headlines and images. While it’s nice that people are willing to forego their sloppy sweatpants and hoodies for air travel, the individuals generally featured just happen to be multi-millionaire celebs with a driver, glam squad, personal assistant, baggage handler(s) and obviously, access to deluxe lounges and first class seats.


Us mere mortals can only dream of that type of travel!

More likely, you’re like me: squished in a middle coach seat after waking up at butt-crack dawn to get yourself (and your family) ready for the extreme obstacle course we refer to as the airport. From the mile long dash across the parking lot, to the wrap around line and strip down at security, by the time you arrive at your gate for boarding chances are you’re stressed, tired and sweating — possibly with 2 small children hanging on you, along with your purse and their backpacks. Then you board the overbooked airplane, only to arrive at your Lilliputian sized seat while hot air blasts on your face from those small, yet extremely loud vents overhead.

Clearly, at this precise moment in time as you wait for take off, style is probably on the bottom of your priorities list. Just pass me a vodka-on-the-rocks and don’t judge, OK!?


So, where were we?! Oh, right: travel style.

While I can’t change the state of air travel today, what I can do is help you put together a few travel looks that will withstand the extreme level of crazy and get you to your destination in style

… and possibly buzzed from the vodka on-the-rocks you absolutely downed on the plane!

•  Creatures of Comfort Kimono Wrap Cardigan
•  ALC Ren V-Neck Tee
•  Hudson Rowan Slouchy Skinny Cargo Pants
•  ZARA Geometric Print Scarf
•  Adidas Originals Velcro Stan Smith Sneaker
•  Balenciaga Papier Side-Zip A6 Tote
•  Chloe Nerine Metal Aviator Sunglasses

•  Lola Fox Fur Pom-Pom Baseball Hat
•  Orvis Wrinkle Free Poplin Tunic
•  Veronica Beard Ninja Hoodie Blazer
 Vince Ponte Skinny Pants
•  Jerome Dreyfuss Johan Nubuck Bag
•  Abercrombie + Fitch Plaid Scarf
 Anine Bing Bianca Boot

There are a few helpful pointers to keep in mind depending on your destination:

When traveling to a hot climate —

Layer, layer, layer! In the span of a few hours you may be experiencing some serious temperature swings and you need to be prepared to shed some clothing or pile it on.

Incorporate lightweight fabrics (twills, cottons + lightweight knits) and bright colored accessories (bags, scarves, etc.) that can then be transitioned from plane to beach.

Top your look off with a heavyweight knit that can double as a jacket. Since you’re going to be sitting on a cramped airplane, you don’t want anything especially bulky taking up additional space. A thick, knit cardigan is ideal for keeping you warm, but not weighing you down when you make it to the other side.

When traveling to a cold climate:

Again, layering is crucial to keeping you comfortable. This time, look for a travel jacket that has removable linings or layers. It will keep you warm when you arrive, but is versatile enough that you can zip out a lining for a more tailored, elegant look during your stay.

Boots are a cold weather MUST, but be selective about the boots you wear on your travel days. You don’t want to be held up in the security line lacing or fastening anything. Instead, look for a boot that is a shorter ankle length and easy to slip on and off in a matter of seconds.

Put your accessories to work! Cold weather hats and scarves should not only be practical, they should be stylish enough that they can be used to add some personality and interest to your looks once you arrive at your final destination.

The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno
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