Cozy Night In

one // two (This mug makes me chuckle and comes in a cute TEA version too!) // three // four (A deep plum shade with none of the harmful chemicals of traditional polishes!) // five // six // seven (This might just be the coolest, slouchiest sweater out there…) // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve (The BEST scooper on the market — just don’t put yours in the dishwasher… RIP dear scooper.) // thirteen

Well, hello November… a few days late.

With the change in Daylight Savings and the sunsets that are creeping up earlier and earlier it takes a whole lot of motivation to get me out of the house and get social after dark. After the kids are in bed, give me my elastic waist pajama pants, a scoop of MITCHELL’s ICE CREAM (have you tried the new coconut caramel rum cake flavor yet!? DELISH.) and the remote control and I’m in a happy place. It’s also been the ideal time to throw in some beauty pampering — I’ve been testing BORGHESE’s re-released FANGO MUD MASK, but more on that to come!

Perhaps it can be considered typical seasonal nesting? Whatever it is, for my next cozy night in comfort and pampering are key.


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