Taupe Suede Ankle Bootie


Everyone loves a good bootie.

It’s a style that has been around now for a few years and between the comfort factor and its versatility the bootie has pretty much become a fall staple for most of us. Obviously, you have your black, you have your brown (I’ve lived in my RAG & BONE HARROW for 3+ years!)… but have you considered a taupe suede ankle bootie?

Now that I have a few ankle bootie wearing years under my sartorial belt, I can say with confidence that if you’re considering adding a new bootie to your collection, taupe is definitely the way to go. It’s versatile in color and in addition to working with both your blacks and browns, it can also add a pop of unexpected “color” (Although taupe is pretty much a non-color? But I digress…) to any outfit.

One of my favorite and most simple outfits these days is all black everything with my taupe suede bootie. Just by adding that contrasting bootie it immediately looks like more than a whole 30 seconds of thought/effort was put into getting dressed… which clearly is not the case!






Some taupe suede ankle bootie styling notes:

•  If you’re looking for the most versatile variety of taupe suede bootie, look for a small chunky heel (2 inches, or so), an almond shaped toe, and an ankle shaft that is not too high. That particular style seems to be the most visually flattering on the leg and the most physically comfortable on the feet!

•  When wearing you’re ankle bootie with jeans, try rolling up the jean cuff 1-2 times to get a small sliver of skin exposed between the bootie and your pants. That one small change can entirely change the look and give it a cool factor otherwise lacking.

•  Wear your ankle booties with low/no-show socks in a nude or matching tone. Generally, the ankle opening is slightly wider at the top allowing eyes to see inside and you don’t want your Nike gym socks exposed!

•  These booties are not just for fall! Taupe suede ankle booties can easily be transitioned year-round. The lighter neutral tone makes it the perfect pairing with some of winter’s whites and spring/summer’s floaty bright dresses!


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