5 New Ways To Wear Your Old Plaid

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Holy, December!

I’m having a hard time keeping up with the speed at which my calendar seems to be moving. I sneezed  in September and now it’s December. Yowza.

So how is your winter style going? Anyone else doing a modified CAPSULE WARDROBE like me? Part of the challenge of living with less is finding ways to wear things (and love them) more… like your old plaid shirt for instance.

I’ve always been an advocate for WEARING PLAID and if you haven’t ventured into this checked and tartan world, welcome!

Here are 5 fresh new ways to take that old plaid in your closet and make it new all over again!

With a Leather Skirt

5 new ways to wear plaid

Leather and plaid are not generally a combination you consider when getting dressed, but the mix of the casual plaid with a more sleek and modern leather just work.


Pattern Mixing


Plaid is the ideal pattern for mixing and matching. To keep the look from going too wild here are a few style tips:
•  Stick to one busier pattern (tartan) matched up with one more basic one (stripe)
•  Focus on scale — a large scale pattern always compliments a smaller scale pattern
•  Keep the tones within the same color family
•  Accessorize with neutrals to ground the look


Tucked Into Jeans

Plaid Shirt Skinny Jeans Red Single Sole Pumps Street-Style-August-2014

Sounds totally basic and kind of “duh,” but when it comes to wearing plaid shirts, most people opt for the more casual styling with the shirt untucked over the jeans or pants. Try tucking a more fitted plaid into a pair of sleek skinny jeans. Throw on a pair of high heel pumps and you have yourself an unexpectedly dressy look!


With Winter White


One of the easiest ways to transition your summer whites into cold weather staples is with a plaid shirt or accessory. Since the plaid is generally reminiscent of the holiday season, it immediately changes the overall tone of the look and makes it more seasonally appropriate. Also, vibrant plaids when paired with white visually pop and become the centerpiece of the outfit.


Topped With A Sweatshirt


Most of us have used our plaid as a base layer upon which we build the rest of the outfit. Throwing a sweater or cardigan over a plaid shirt is pretty much common place, but substitute a cool fitted sweatshirt for your sweater, try a plaid pencil skirt and a whole new look is born.

Again, what makes this look noteworthy is the contrast of textures, patterns and styles. A pencil skirt — especially in a traditional plaid, is perhaps on of the more traditional items of clothing a woman can own. However, the sweatshirt injects some youth and fun into the conservative skirt taking this look from work to play.



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