Party Coat


Getting dressed up this time of year can be challenging– even for the most stylish.

Once you actually get motivated to leave your house when it’s pitch black outside at 5pm, you just might have to get out of your softest, elastic-waisted (#obviously) loungewear and dress up. Oh, and the makeup… why is it that I can always get one eye perfectly shadowed and lined, while the other looks like my 4-year-old did it for me?!

The struggle is real.

Given these “challenges” I try to make getting party ready as easy and stress free as possible. One of the best solutions to the I-hate-everything-in-my-closet-and-I-have-no-desire-to-leave-my-couch dilemma is to have a secret party-style weapon ready and waiting in the wings: a coat.

No, not that black puffer coat you wore to the grocery store… this coat I’m talking about is truly special. It can take a hum-drum jeans and a sweater outfit and make it festive, visually interesting, flattering and chic! From fuzzy, to gilded, to patterned and bold, there is a party coat that fits every personality, body and style.

It is of my professional opinion that every woman should own a party coat — do YOU?!

If not, keep reading/scrolling for my favorite party-ready outerwear inspiration– the perfect piece to dress up an otherwise laid back look!







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