Holiday Style Misdemeanor


One of the most common style misdemeanors is committed this time of year — do you want to take a guess at what it is?!

(Nope, it’s not that terrible acrylic Christmas sweater that someone bought for “non-ironic” purposes.)


This crime of fashion is not necessarily related to the specific type of item purchased, but rather the psychology behind the purchasing. The scenario goes something like this:

Sally invited me to her chic holiday party. I have nothing to wear. I think I need to buy a new outfit. Yeah, that’s it… I’ll feel awesome and confident and have a blast if I wear this amazing new (fill in the blank) on Thursday night!

So what do you do?

You run to the overcrowded and overheated store, make your way through the picked over remnants of inventory and try to find your “dream look,” or something like that… You select something that fits your body, looks alright and will do. You wear it to Sally’s party on Thursday and then that outfit goes back in your closet sits… and sits… and sits, only to be donated or consigned a few months later with a sad sigh and a, “What was I thinking when I bought this!?


If you’re guilty of this style crime, you’re not alone (#beentheredonethat). The good news is that it’s not too late to change your ways. I’m no psychologist, but I do know a good deal about fashion, style and building a wardrobe. A good cohesive wardrobe will satisfy you in ways you never expected.

This is where I get all deep, guys… so maybe sit down and grab your coffee.


Discovering your heart’s delight is a bit different for everyone, but once you take a step back, eliminate the clutter and focus on only adding things to your closet that you’ll love beyond that one party or event you’ll soon realize that for the most part, you have everything you need hanging right there in your own wardrobe.

So, in very blunt terms — quit buying the all of the things. Just stop. Please.

That’s the first step. Now, here’s how to take it from there…

1. Don’t get distracted by all of sparkles, spangles, glitz and glam of holiday shopping. Stay focused and only buy what truly feels like “YOU”… yes, we’re back to that infamous STYLE IDENTITY I keep harping about! If you know your style identity, you’ll be better able to filter out the visual and physical clutter and hone in on the styles and items that were best suited for you and your wardrobe. Better yet, if you stay true to your style identity, everything in your closet just works together. It truly does! Pieces mix and match effortlessly, leading to endless combinations and options as you get dressed.

2. Don’t get fooled by sales. As much as I love a great deal, I’m the first to tell you that sales can dupe you into buying something simply for the “thrill of the deal.” It may not be exactly what you’re looking for, or fit you perfectly, but because it was such a great deal you can’t resist. Yup… it’s happened to the best of us. Whenever buying anything on sale, always ask yourself: “Would I want this item if it were full priced?” If yes, go ahead and purchase — you’re all good. If no, walk away.

3. Fill your closet with classics that will wear well over time and with changing trends. I like to keep an 80-20 rule when it comes to my wardrobe and those of my clients. 80% of a wardrobe should be comprised of classic investment pieces that may seem like small splurges at the time, but will be a loved item for many years to come. Consider these your wardrobe foundation upon which all outfits are built. The 20% balance should be comprised of fun, trendy additions that you can buy at a discount. These are the small pops of pattern, color and “flare” that you’ll wear a few times and then retire at the end of a season or two. They’ll keep your wardrobe current and keep you from getting bored — because your clothes should always make you look and feel your best!

Now, ’tis the season of giving, so I’m giving you some of my favorite picks — following that 80-20 rule (see #3), of course. Some are splurges, some are steals, but all are perfectly lovely.

Whadd’ya think of my picks?

I tried to stick to a good foundation of classic styles, injecting some fun and interest with a few pieces with sartorial punch! Let’s talk about that gorgeous CLOVER CANYON FLORAL PEPLUM DRESS! It was one of those styles so many people would walk right past, but when a client recently tried it on it was such a flattering and complimentary dress! The busy pattern almost melted away and it was all about the hourglass silhouette. Again, since it’s not a traditionally “classic” dress, I was happy to see the totally wallet-friendly price-tag.

Ah, those black Manolo pumps. Over the weekend I caught the MANOLO BLAHNIK BB PUMP on a 50% sale and sent out a major PSA to some of my family, friends and clients. Unfortunately, most of the sizes have since sold out — but if you’re a larger size (9.0 and up!), you can cross your fingers and take a look HERE! Classic staples like this shoe never go one sale and whether it is a glitch in the system or just a happy shopping find, I jumped on the opportunity to score a shoe that literally goes with EVERYTHING.

The New Year is right around the corner and girlfriend, we’re going to kill it.

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