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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.2 (Holiday Edition)

Friday Link LoveHey there!

Before we dive into link love goodness this Christmas Eve, I wanted to address some holiday housekeeping…

Yes, it’s not Friday, but with all of the festivities around these parts, I wanted to keep the next few days a “no-work zone” and enjoy the fun with my family. You know, be in the moment and all of those touchy-feely, adulting things that I make resolutions to do more of each year.

Next, you’ll see regular scheduling posting back here on Monday! We’ll be doing some fun styling posts, as well as a bit more insightful end-of-year recaps. Make sure you take a break from your holiday hangover and check in!

Friday Link Love Holiday Edition

Friday Link Love Holiday Edition 2

Now, onto the good stuff!

1.  With all of the devices capturing every moment of the holiday, you need to make sure your photogenic game is on point. Here are 20 TIPS TO ENSURE YOU LOOK AMAZING IN EVERY PHOTO! Now where was this information when I took my 6th grade school picture!? (

2.  While this time of year is generally associated with parties, social affairs and generally busy days/nights spend around many people, the introverts around us really need to put in an effort to keep up and actually enjoy themselves. If you’re an introverted person, or know any, you must read this EXPERT GUIDE TO SURVIVING A HOLIDAY PARTY FOR INTROVERTS — game changer. (

3.  How perfect is this recipe for a cozy night in this winter weekend: WINTER VEGETABLE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP WITH ASIAGO CROSTINI… yum. (

4.  Are you entertaining this weekend? Personally, I’m on Christmas Eve hosting duty tonight! If you’re going to be hosting people ANY time of year, these 5 SMART TIPS FOR EASY HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING are killer. (

5.  Perhaps it’s my Russian ballet-loving roots, but I couldn’t get enough of these 16 JAW-DROPPING NUTCRACKER PERFORMANCES from around the world. Truly stunning. (

6.  Here are 4 more excuses to skip washing your hair tonight! Like I really needed any… child please. Save your time, product and hair health with these 4 HAIRSTYLES FOR DIRTY HAIR. (

7.  Ankle boots are definitely having their moment this year… just ask my closet. While we’ve talked about the basics (get your refresher HERE) when it comes to ankle boots, I’m getting a bit more adventurous this year and have been eyeing my beloved booties in slightly more bold colors and styles…

Like THESE snakeskin print ones for instance. Or how about THESE cream-colored stunners? THESE navy chelsea boots are minimalist perfection. Ok, last ones: now THESE would look fantastic with tights and a mod-inspired dress this NYE!


May you and your family enjoy all the warmth this season has to offer. Have a wonderful holiday and a New Year filled with love.


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