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Oh, boy…

Where am I!? What day is it!?

This is a very confusing week for me. People are back to work, yet it still feels like the world is slightly off kilter. I’ve been trying my best to maintain a consistent routine, but it’s been a struggle especially with 2016 looming right around the corner. The 2015 DEAD ZONE is definitely in effect.

One thing that hasn’t changed much during this bizarro week is my love for shoes. Post-holiday sales are a great time to swoop in and pick up a few classic winter staples that will update your style through the spring. Better yet, now is the time to try out some new trends that you might not have wanted to splurge on full price.

(Personally, I have THESE babies coming my way that I scored at an additional 25% OFF the sale price!)

One of the newer trends that has caught my eye are Mary Jane heels. I guess the Mary Jane is technically not a new style, but this season’s reinterpretation of the classic is definitely more edgy in my opinion. From chunky block heels, to multi-straps, or an edgy pointed toe, these shoes are outfit-makers. Better yet, their supportive design makes them intrinsically more comfortable and a great option for those of you who resist a traditional high heel.

(Click on the images below for product and sourcing details!)

If you are concerned about emphasizing thicker ankles with the Mary Jane strap, try to find a style where the strap sits lower across the vamp of the foot vs. your true ankle — kind of like THESE metallic stunners. A point toe vs. a rounded one will also create a longer, leaner look.

Personally, I love those bordeaux CHLOE chunky mid-heel options with the point toe — they would pair perfectly with everything from boyfriend jeans to a shift-dress. The heel height is also perfect for creating a polished look that could take you from day to night with no crippling pain! Clearly, miracles do happen.

Do YOU have any footwear trends you’re looking forward to testing out in 2016!?


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