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sparkler_best_of_2015Gah!!! It’s hard to believe it’s the last day of 2015. Got plans to ring in the New Year tonight!?

My big plans consist of last minute reservations for a fun, kid-friendly dinner out with friends (thanks, Nicole!). There is about a 75% chance we will all be asleep BEFORE midnight… which is not necessarily a bad thing. #partyanimal

This past week I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing my business, its growth, this blog and YOU. Well, studying you guys and your habits in my best non-stalkerish, non-creepy, statistical way. Much of my content and business decisions are made based on information gathered in this manner and I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate your support, clicks and engagement.

Often times, it’s the comments and questions I get from The Heart’s Delight community that turn into the best, most engaging posts and my end-of-year stats reflect that trend. Clearly, you’re a group that has strong opinions, loves their shoes and appreciates a tightly edited wardrobe!

Check it out for yourself…

Most Popular Posts of 2015:

M.Gemi Best of 2015

#5 — M.Gemi

Discover one of my favorite new shoe brands of the year! With direct to YOU prices cutting out a retail middleman, M.GEMI provides serious Italian-crafted shoe value for your dollars. The two pairs of shoes I purchased from the brand ended up being beyond comfortable and two of my most worn this summer. Both held up perfectly and will definitely be in the rotation again in 2016.

A quick note: the shoes were on the average to slightly wider side, so those of you with a more narrow foot should consider ordering a narrow sized version of your favorites. Speaking of favorites, while many of the shoes in the original post are no longer available (once they’re gone, they’re gone!), this season’s favorites include: THE CAMMEO for a simple + classic pump, THE CORSA for an ankle bootie with big-time personality and THE ABITO for a borrowed-from-the-boys loafer.

Spring 2015 capsule basics how to build a spring wardrobe capsule

#4 — Spring 2015: Capsule Basics

This was not our first capsule collection rodeo, albeit one of my favorites. Spring is a tricky season and this wardrobe edit delivered. The silhouettes and colors were a spot on representation of my style. My one regret for the collection was the LONG LINE CARDIGAN. It pilled terribly and looked horrible after only a handful of wears. I ended up donating it to Goodwill with a tear in my eye. They can’t all be winners?!


#3 — Fall Planning

Yes, another capsule collection! This one is fall ready with great texture and a moody tone. What I personally loved about this post is that I could share with you where I get some of my fashion inspiration from — some a bit unusual (cacti, anyone!?).

What I also enjoy about going back to these oldies but goodies, is seeing how some of these “trends” have stuck around way longer than you might have expected. From athleisure, to suede and fringe, I would gladly continue to wear any of those pieces highlighted!

How to style a cape Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots over the knee

#2 — Caped Crusader

While shot close to exactly a year ago, this is still one of my favorite winter looks with a high-low twist. Now, a year later I still get comments on those STUART WEITZMAN LOWLAND over-the-knee beauties (both on the blog, as well as in person)! I was fortunate enough to score the boots at an eye-popping discount — thank you, NORDSTROM RACK, but the exact same style is still selling out in stores and online. If you were concerned that the over-the-knee look was a passing fad, hopefully your fears have been quelled.

Now as for the ZARA cape coat, ironically, I wore mine yesterday and it’s another compliment magnet. Also, from a practical perspective I love a good cape to wear over oversized sweaters. It avoids the whole bunching-up-in-the-armpit thing when trying to fit the bulkier knits under a regular jacket or coat. While my cape coat style has long sold out, you can find similar capes HERE.


#1 — Leggings Are NOT Pants

It’s reassuring to know that most of you are as easily offended as I am by this assault on style (and the eyes). Apparently, you all are a feisty bunch with strong opinions and tastes… and I like it!

One of my favorite things about this specific post was the conversation it incited both in the blog comments, as well as across social media. Part of my hopes for The Heart’s Delight was (and IS) to create a supportive community. While I love the freedom of expression and creativity I get to put forth on its pages,  this website is nothing without YOU and the engagement you contribute. So keep those questions, comments and opinions coming…

On that note, I want to thank you and wish you a joyful, love-filled (and safe) New Year.

May 2016 be your most stylish year yet!


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