Chokers and Collars


It seems like the past few days have been all about new trends — first the RAW HEM DENIM and now chokers and collars. I know, I know… I preach about classic style and here I am throwing these trends at you!

Bear with me, though.



If you’ve been following along with THD, hopefully you’ve been slowly amassing a stylish collection of classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Unfortunately, even the best styles grow stale after a while if we don’t mix them up. Trends are the ideal style solution for injecting some freshness and fun into an existing wardrobe to keep you feeling current and confident.

See?! All good things.

(you can get the DIY tutorial for this necklace HERE)

The best part about trends!? Most can be interpreted using relatively inexpensive accessories. Granted, there are a few more… cough… cough… pricey chokers and collars that I’ve got my eye on (I can’t help it — just ask my husband!). Regardless, despite your hesitations this is a great trend for ANY age because as we all know, good style has more to do with HOW you wear things vs. WHAT you wear.

We all know that, right?

Just makin’ sure we’re on the same page.



So, now that we’re all on board, let’s break down the whole chokers and collars thing.

(Geez, this is starting to sound more like a BDSM tutorial vs. a trend article…)

Both of these necklaces sit high up on the neck, but the choker tends to be a bit more vertical in orientation, wrapping the neck in either ribbon, leather or metal. The collar on the other hand, sits right at the collar bone and is generally comprised of metal and/or beads. Both styles can be worn interchangeably — simply select the one that is most comfortable for you! Also, keep in mind, the thicker the necklace the bigger the statement, so if you’re looking to simply dip your toe in this 90’s throwback trend, stick to the thinner and more delicate styles of chokers and collars.


What do YOU think of this throwback trend? Is this something you could see yourself wearing?


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