Casual Leather Pants

casual_leather_pants_vince_ALC_leather_pantsAlthough I’d like to think myself an expert packer, this past Dallas trip had me slightly stumped: 40’s + 50’s in the morning and evening, highs in the low to mid-70’s during the day.

What’s a girl to wear?!

I ended up making a few last minute additions and subtractions when it came to my suitcase contents — hence no city weekend packing guide this time around.

(Do you guys like those, by the way? With a few more travel adventures in store this winter and spring, I’d be happy to resurrect the THD packing guide tradition!)


One of the items I ended up adding was my favorite pair of A.L.C. black leather pants (they’re a few years old and no longer available, but THESE are really similarTHESE are a steal version). In the past, I’ve generally worn my leather pants dressed up (you can check out the look HERE) but this time, I was ready to take them for a casual spin after seeing this image of SASHA LUSS on the web.

casual leather pants

A chunky sweater, some comfy slip-on sneakers and a gorgeous, oversized scarf make for an easy and casual leather pant look. Now THAT I can do… and did!



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