My Dream Date Outfit

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Did you ever think about your dream date?

What would you do?

Who would you go with?

Most importantly, what would you wear?

In full disclosure, this is not something I think about a lot but with Valentine’s Day just around the corner and THIS recent post by one of my favorite bloggers on my screen, I couldn’t help but start dreaming up the perfect date night scenario and my dream date outfit to go with it.


dream date outfit The Hearts Delight

Well, my husband obviously. This summer we’re celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary.

I can’t believe it…

(Actually, I can believe it but geez, does time fly. I have 2 kids and a developing crows feet situation to remind me of that.)



I had a really hard time narrowing this down!

After some serious thought, I think I envision a city scenario in the fall. I’d even go so far as saying, it might be New York City. I’m not sentimental about a lot of things, but NYC just gets me.



Everything and nothing.

We’d start the day at one of my favorite West Village cafes (CAFE CLUNY is fabulous!), where I’d order all of the bread. There is nothing better than artisan baked goods with a side of caffeine… because obviously.

After the professional carb loading session we’d wander the morning away — perhaps my favorite city activity of all time. A few downtown gallery stops followed by a few glasses of wine with lunch. BALTHAZAR is still one of my long-time favorites… the raw bar is fantastic. More recently I’ve been loving ABC KITCHEN — can’t recommend it enough especially if you like a side of home design with your Jean George meal. 

A nap would most definitely fit into the day’s agenda.

The date would resume after sunset — cocktails at the MARLTON, a sushi dinner at the original NOBU and a night-cap at THE BRANDY LIBRARY.

As you can see, a good day for me revolves around food and alcohol consumption with my favorite person in the world.

Simply perfect.


My look would be quintessential THD… and very me.

The softest CASHMERE SWEATER, distressed SKINNY JEANS and my favorite BLACK PUMPS all topped with a menswear inspired COAT and a classic SHOULDER BAG.


What’s your dream date outfit?


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