Lust List: Acne Studios Velocite


My lust list is never short.

With each season, I tag a new lust to join in on the fun and replace the occasional lust that actually makes it off the list into my physical closet.

Keeping a lust list is something I started doing about 8 years ago and it’s really helped curb my spontaneous purchases and keep me focused on those items I truly love. After 8 years, I’ve learned that some of the lusts that I thought I really loved have gone by the wayside. One which has not, is the ACNE STUDIOS VELOCITE shearling motorcycle jacket.

Acne Studios Velocite Street Style Jenna Lyons

So, let’s start at the beginning…

I’m always cold. Literally, ALWAYS cold. We all laugh about it, but it honestly sucks. The worst feeling in the world is having those deep down chills that don’t go away… except maybe having feet and hands that feel like ice cubes. Regardless, it ain’t good. When winter rolls around, I do my best to layer up (t-shirt + sweater + coat + scarf = ALWAYS), but that lake effect wind/snow always wins.

If you’re not familiar with shearling, it’s essentially tanned leather/suede with the sheared wool left on one side and it may just be the warmest, lightest thing you could wear to stay incredibly warm. Faux shearling is aesthetically a really good dupe if you’d prefer to avoid the natural material — it’s also much less expensive!


Now, combine this ultra-warm and wooly material with a motorcycle jacket silhouette and you have yourself a dream coat. At least MY dream coat. This style is not new — I think ACNE STUDIOS released their first version of the VELOCITE in 2012, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Ringing in at almost $3000… yes, you read that right… it still manages to sell out each season.


Man, I love that jacket.

Luckily, my lust doesn’t have to remain a lust forever! Over the past 3 years, the original VELOCITE oversized biker silhouette has been interpreted by a number of designers both in shearling and its less expensive faux-shearling, good-lookin’ cousin.

Just take a peek for yourself…


Acne Studios Velocite

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

While not a perfect match, the COACH BOY BIKER (#2) jacket is a pretty close dupe at a significant discount (almost a $2000 discount!) to the Acne Studios original.  The MUUBAA light tan version (#5) can’t be beat when it comes to it’s price and likeness — I’m bummed my size is already gone, gone, gone!

Goes to show, there are probably lots of really cold (and fashionable) people out there.


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