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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.26

Friday Link Love

Good morning and a big, fat “Fri-YAY!” to you.

I’ve been having some major sleep issues over here… I wake up between 1 am and 3 am and then can’t get back into a restful sleep. This girl needs her solid 8 hours and this whole broken sleep business is cramping my style. I’ve gotten into the habit of using an iPhone as my alarm clock and I have a hunch that a technology overload may be the cause of my sleep woes. It might be time to ditch the phone for an old-school alarm clock and see if a self-prescribed mobile detox is the remedy.

While I’m up at night, these are just some of the things that are on my mind…


What I’m Reading:

•  If you’re a family photography fan, I loved THESE UNIQUE ART IDEAS for getting those amazing family snapshots off of your computer and onto your walls! (

•  A well made bed is an art form. However, putting on a duvet is a full body workout. Apparently, we’ve been doing it all wrong — here’s a BED MAKING HACK for you to bookmark immediately! (

•  Essie nail polishes have been a go-to in my manicure repertoire for ages… yet, I still can’t figure out what colors I should be using. Here is your ESSIE COLOR CHEAT SHEET FOR EVERY SKIN TONE! (


What I’m Making:

•  For those of you observing Lent — here’s tonight’s dinner and the SPICY FISH TACO BOWL of your dreams. Insert all of the heart-eyed emojis here! (

•  I can’t decide if this CLOUD BREAD thing is amazing or straight up weird. Thoughts? (


What I’m Buying:

•  Combine Olivia Palermo’s fashion sense and NORDSTROM‘s in house line, CHELSEA28 and what do you get!? Reasonably priced perfection in the form of a spring wardrobe. See the whole collection HERE. (Pssst — Nordstrom just started running their WINTER CLEARANCE SALE now through Feb 21st!)

•  Dressing up for Valentine’s Day is definitely not my thing… unless it involves shoes. Well, in that case I can certainly make an exception. M.GEMI recently released some new Valentine’s Day ready shoe designs that will make you (and your Valentine) swoon!

•  I am a newly converted member of the kitten heel fan club — especially when it means I can wear beauties like THESE.

•  If you’re more of a flats kind of gal, get your sexy on with THESE! In hot pink (‘raspberry’ is the official color name), no less.

•  For all out sexy glam, nothing beats a pair of high heeled strappy sandals like THESE.

For those of you enjoying a long holiday weekend — special shout out to our Presidents! — have a good one. I’ll be spending as much time as possible indoors and avoiding the polar blast outside.

Stay warm friends!


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