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You know you live in a cold climate when even the thought of bare ankles is literally giving you the chills.

If you don’t have the luxury of rocking THIGH HIGH LEG WARMER SOCKS while working from home  (#currently), let me introduce you to your newest friends — ankle socks. Perhaps, the more fitting term should be RE-introduce, as I think most of us gave up our ankle socks before we entered middle school.

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This more adult interpretation of ankle socks is actually very tame and ladylike, as trends go, but makes a statement nevertheless. More importantly, it opens up an entire world of shoe options (pumps, loafers, etc.) that would otherwise sit out the season until it was safe to expose bare skin again.

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The key to pulling off an ankle sock successfully is letting the sock dictate the look, as opposed to the shoe. With a bold choice of sock, keep the rest of your outfit simple focusing on textures and proportions in order to keep that little sliver of ankle the focal point.

For this type of trend, it’s best to avoid any thicker knit socks and stick to ultra thin, or sheer versions of the accessory. Remember, we still want our shape to remain streamlined and not give ourselves the dreaded “cankels!” For those a bit more daring, try the ankle sock with a dress/skirt and heels — sounds crazy, but it totally works!

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My absolute favorite brand for this type of sock is HANSEL FROM BASEL but there are many fabulous (and inexpensive) sock options for you to try — just check out the round up below:

So, what do you think? Do you think this is a trend you feel bold enough to try?

Just imagine: a closet full of shoe options, warm feet, no blisters…

Just sayin’!


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