The Return of Levi’s Jeans

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Turns out the next big thing when it comes to denim is nothing new at all.

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Actually, quite the contrary — the “it” denim of the year is actually quite old and familiar. The anti-trend trend. Turns out the moms of the 70’s and 80’s had it right all along with their high waisted, straight-legged Levi’s jeans.

Now, who could have ever predicted THAT!?

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Premium denim has been an exploding category of contemporary women’s wear since the early 2000’s when Seven for All Mankind made its big splash into the pretty small jean pool. Since that time, dozens of premium denim focused brands have emerged giving us almost limitless options and larger credit card bills at the end of the month.

When I first started seeing Levi’s reemerge among the $200+ premium denim crowd, I almost had to do a double take and zoom in on the street style images. Could it be true?! Can the iconic Levi’s jeans that we abandoned so many years ago be making its big comeback!?

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The answer is yes… with a little help of some friends by the name of RE/DONE. This little luxury brand that could is more of a movement to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space, to maintain sustainability and to keep heritage brands, like Levi’s alive.

What’s more individual and true to your personal style than your favorite pair of jeans?

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If you’re not in the market to shell out the cash for Re/Done’s vintage revivals, why not go back to the source! Levi’s has updated many of their cuts and styles to reflect this move away from the skinny jean and embrace a woman’s figure — waist, butt and all. Better yet, the Levi’s price point is appealing to any woman, no matter how large or small your budget.

What do I like best about this shift in denim?

As a stylist, I love that denim no longer becomes an aspirational item focused on a label itself. Instead, the aspiration shifts to the styling… because who doesn’t want be that effortlessly, chic woman who looks as though she can take anything off the rack (no matter the price) and make the look her own?

Now that is something to aspire to.


Oh, one last note — for you deal hunters out there, EBAY is an amazing source for vintage Levi’s jeans. If you have the time and the chops to stalk some online listings, you could be lucky enough to score an amazing pair of vintage Levi’s for as little as $10.


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