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Sorry to burst any of your athletically inspired bubbles, but this post is not about workout wear.


(Although ironically I AM wearing a post-spin class hooded sweatshirt as I type!)


Today’s post is about one of the most surprising styles to make a splash during fashion month both on the street as well as on the runway: the hooded sweatshirt! Actually, it seems as though everyone is wearing a hoodie these days, from the stroller pushing moms in their perfectly fitted LULULEMON HOODIES, to Rihanna in her pants-off-dance-off ready VETEMENTS designer hooded sweatshirt. Yeah, that hoodie costs more than a monthly luxury car payment.

Lest you get discouraged from what can be a potentially expensive fashion trend, let me assure you that the best kinds of hooded sweatshirts out there are not the fashion-ized versions, but the true classics themselves. Yes, the under $30 no-name soft grey fleece hoodies are truly the best way to pull of the casual look… because there is nothing as cool as the real deal.

hooded sweatshirt street style kendall jenner look for less

Turtleneck — H&M
JacketIRO (I love this SAVE version as well!)
BagGIVENCHY (here’s a SAVE version of this exact style!)
SunglassesRAY BAN

If you’re curious about Kendall’s cut-off hem style sweatshirt — it’s by a brand called UNRAVEL, it’s cashmere and it’s $350. While you may not want to take a scissor to your good cashmere, this seems like a DIY most people are capable of using an inexpensive fleece sweatshirt like THIS one!



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