How To Wear: Culottes

how to wear culottes the hearts delight headerA few weeks ago I mentioned that come spring, 70’s ERA STYLE would be huge! Well, did I tell you so, or did I tell you so?! Flares, wide leg palazzo pants, fringe, suede… you name any groovy 70’s trend and I can guarantee that it’s currently being sold at your favorite retailer.

Granted, trends do come and go and they are not always for everyone, but I think one of the reasons we keep going back to certain looks of eras past is that there is just something special about them. Something unique. Something definitively stylish.

Now here is where I need you to stay with me because I’m going to pledge my growing allegiance to Team 70’s and one of its most controversial players: the culotte. You know, those wide-legged, cropped, knee to midi-length, not quite pants, not quite a skirt, little numbers? I tried to resist them, but guess what? You only live once, so why not have a little fun with your style. I guess now would be an appropriate time to throw in a #YOLO. You know, for good pop-culture measure.

So, back to the culotte. This is definitely not a look for everyone, or for every body type, so there are absolutely some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Pick the appropriate length for your body

Culottes tend to be fitted at the waist, then flare out as you move down towards the knees. If you are “vertically challenged” (ahem… a shortie!), make sure to select culottes that are appropriate for your size/stature. A knee length or slightly shorter length would work well. Anything longer, and you’ll look like you’re swimming in fabric. If you’ve got some height, you have the green light to go a little longer and give those midi length styles some love.

  • Keep the top fitted

As we’ve talked about in the past, fashion is all about finding balance. Wide culottes need to balanced with a fitted or cropped style top to show off that little waist of yours and balance out the silhouette. The higher rise of most culotte styles also works wonders in slimming your middle!

  • Give yourself a lift

A wider/longer bottom like a culotte always looks best when you lengthen your legs and get a lift from a heel or wedge. I’ve found that flats are simply not as flattering. Sorry, guys.

Still need a little push to give the culotte a chance? Check out these stunning looks and tell me that this is not a 70’s look worth revisiting!




Now, onto the fun part: shopping! Below you’ll find all of my favorite culotte styles for every body type and budget:

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