Leggings Are Not Pants


I think it’s time to have a serious talk.

For the past few years my eyes have been assaulted by what may be the A#1 style offense and what I’ve seen cannot be unseen. Even with all of the YOU TUBE rants and viral images and videos, it seems that people choose not to listen.

If in the small chance you are one of those people, let me make this clear:

Leggings are NOT pants.

Nope. No way. Absolutely not. Not even the “thick” and expensive LULULEMON styles.


Leggings are one of three things —

1. A workout essential that wicks away moisture from the body while providing mobility and support.
2. A base layer on which outfits are built and layered upon.
3. A clothing alternative for those days when you remain in the privacy of your own home.


You might be asking why I’m so vehemently against and enraged by the abundance of leggings in public. Well, in all honesty I have no desire to see your bumps, jiggles, pink lace underpants, or worse. Yup, lady who decided not to wear underpants — your ObGyn and I have had the same view. It ain’t pretty.

No matter how thin, toned and in-shape you are those lycra-spandex, stretchy, black leggings look awful. You could have the pristine bootie of a Michelangelo masterpiece, like a ripe peach. Nope, still bad.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, if a body conscious, slim-lined look is what you’re going for, here are some appropriate alternatives that will give you the look you desire and get you off my style sh*t list.


Here are some important style notes for you to keep in mind when shopping for black legging-type pants:

1. Look for thicker twill or ponte fabric blends which will keep everything pulled in and smooth. Both materials have some substance to them and will not become translucent when you bend over.

2. Denim, leather or suede are great substantial alternatives for leggings and will add texture and visual interest to your outfits.

3. When purchasing legging-type pants, look for pockets. They can be real working pockets, or simply a visual detail, but they immediately upgrade the legging to pant status.

4. Aim for a slightly higher rise. Super low rise pants are not only out of style, they are just not as comfortable and make muffin-top and exposed butt-crack inevitable. You don’t want either of those.

5. When styling legging-type pants, always consider proportions. If you are tight and slim on the bottom, you want to look for a fuller, looser top to balance everything out. Tunic length blouses, sweaters, tees or shirts look best. You want whatever top you choose to be at least hip length.

6. When in doubt, cover your butt.

OK, rant over… I feel slightly better now.

What style don’ts have been offending YOU lately?


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