Everything is Coming Up Roses


This is the time of year when getting dressed can become more of a chore than a pleasure.

It’s still way to cold to wear anything remotely new or interesting and the long winter has taken it’s toll on your cold weather wardrobe inspiration. Everything old totally feels old and I actually heard myself sigh out loud this morning while getting dressed in what has become (in my head) the most boring outfit ever — jeans, a fitted sweater, leather jacket and booties.


It was only while I was browsing my style feed over coffee that I came across this image of Sara Escudero of COLLAGE VINTAGE and realized that with a few small tweaks, the same old thing is not necessarily such a bad thing.


Jacket — Reiss (I love this SUEDE version, too!)
Jeans — Levi’s (My favorite 501’s are currently on sale at SHOPBOP for an additional 25% off!)
Sweater — Theory
Mules — Reiss

Maybe it was the soft rosewood color, but it gave a very straightforward, no frills, anyone-can-put-this-together outfit that oomph it needed to become inspirational. All of a sudden, I was back in my closet and feeling so much happier with my choices. A quick swap of my trademark black leather for a lighter, brighter, blush version and I was out the door.


Moral of the story — classics are never boring. Sometimes we just need to see them through a fresh rose colored lens to appreciate a look that never goes out of style.



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