An Unexpected Spring Combination That I Love


I’ve gotta get something off my chest… I’ve been having such a hard time staying inspired lately. I’ve been battling a sinus infection (all hail antibiotics!), generally feeling less than stellar and just trying not to let that blah feeling creep into other parts of my life.

You know, livin’ the adult dream.

As an adult who does a fairly decent job at adulting, sometimes all it takes a moment to reflection to snap out of our superficial funk and refocus on the important things. In my case, all it took was a good spin class induced sweat/active meditation and a street style image of a style that just called to me.


Are you ready for it?

A floral dress and sneakers.



I’m always looking for ways to get more wear out of some of my favorite “dressier” pieces and this combination is the answer I’ve been waiting for. A floaty, floral dress generally gets reserved for evenings out or weekend activities, but now with a simple switch of footwear – BOOM – I have another outfit to fit into my weekly rotation. Better yet, a floral dress and sneakers is as comfortable as it is flattering.


Floral Dress —


Is this a style you could see yourself wearing?


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