How To Look Like You’ve Got Your Sh*t Together


In this era of social media facades, online filters and constant smoke-and-mirror performances, it’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish reality from well, everything else.

Although at times you may feel like your daily life is being held together by a complicated network of duct tape, there is always someone you know that just seems to have their sh*t together. They exude this air of confidence, of professionalism and just general IDGAF (a.k.a. I don’t give a f….) that makes them the envy of the rest of us.

I’m NOT that person.

But I DO know a few little tips and tricks to help you join the “I have my sh*t together” club! Surprisingly, these # things are neither expensive nor difficult — so let’s get to it so that the next time you are tired, stressed, or pulled in 1000 different directions, no one has to know…

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1. Focus on your accessories

It really is true, a great pair of shoes or a handbag can make an outfit! It’s important to have sharp, eye catching accessories that can upgrade a basic look. That being said, it’s even more important to take good care of those leather goods. One of my stylist pet-peeves is seeing shoes and handbags worn, scuffed and creased beyond repair. All it takes is a quick occasional visit to a good cobbler and a few dollars to give those accessories new life… it’s a no brainer.


Look like you've got your shit together

2. Own a power suit

Now, don’t go and take this literally… it doesn’t have to be a suit, per se, but every woman should own one structured and amazing fitting piece in their wardrobe that makes them feel simply fabulous. In my case, it’s a black IRO BLAZER and my A.L.C. leather pants (no longer available, but THESE are similar and THESE are a faux-leather version). Whenever I put either of these pieces on (they’re even better together!) I automatically feel pulled together and ready to take on whatever lay ahead.


How to look like you've got your shit together

3. Manicure

Chipped nails and raggedy cuticles aren’t a good look on anyone – so don’t do it. If weekly professional manicures are not in the budget or on the busy agenda, try a simple at home manicure. It only takes a few minutes, some CUTICLE LOVE, and a few coats of a clear or sheer PINK POLISH to get your digits in tip top shape.


How to look like you've got your sh*t together

4. Keep it organized

Leather pouches are my savior on some days. I personally own 2: one designated for my tech accessories (cords, earbuds, chargers, pens and screen cleaning wipes), the other for beauty and health (floss, mints, travel perfume, Aleve, lip balm, tampons, etc.). Using these pouches is a major time saver when switching bags or running out the door in a frenzy — I always keep the bags well stocked, so I know I have everything I could possibly need with me along for the ride. Best of all, I can pull out one of the pouches to use as a clutch anytime an occasion arises.

In addition to my CLARE V. pouches, I’ve been recently introduced to a local Cleveland designer (shop local, folks!), BLAIR RITCHEY. Blair’s PAKS are designed with wipeable nylon interiors and a flat bottom so that they can stand up on their own. Best of all they come in great colors and textures with mix and match tassels that can be added on for custom flair. Definitely check her out!


How To Look Like You've Got Your Sh*t Together

5. Stand Up Straight

My mom is probably getting a good chuckle out of this one because as far back as I can remember, my mom always nudged me to push my shoulders back and stop slouching! Good posture exudes strength and confidence (not to mention, makes you look thinner!) and on certain days, you just have to fake it until you make it. Constant screen time or sitting at a desk is a major posture wrecker so make sure to take a moment to realign your spine!

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6. Blush

I’m sure you’ve heard that a coat of bright lipstick can instantly change a look, or even a day, but I’ll even go a step further to say that more important than lipstick is blush! A sweep of pink blush brightens your face and gives anyone a healthy glow on the outside even if the inside is feeling less than ideal. I always keep my RMS LIP2CHEEK pot in my handbag for situations just like these!


How To Look Like You've Got Your Sh*t Together

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