Varsity Jacket


Sometimes, I’m deep into a style as soon as I see it.

(Hello, COLD SHOULDER tops!)

Other times, it takes me much longer to warm up to a new style or trend before I’m comfortable wearing it, or recommending it to my styling clients.


The varsity jacket (and bomber jackets, in general) had me questioning if this retro style was something that had enough longevity to invest in, or if it was a fleeting desire fueled by inspirational street style snaps such as this one. The fact that every bomber style I fell in love was sold out was a good indication that perhaps I better get involved.


As I’m never one to turn down a structured outwear layer, I’ve decided to open my mind and possibly my wallet and get on board the “Varsity Jacket Express.” In order to keep from looking like a blast from my high school past (not in a good way), or a long-lost extra from the James Van Derbeek hit, Varsity Blues, here are some styling notes to keep in mind:

1. Stick to only one “borrowed from the boys” piece at a time. If you’re going to give this varsity jacket a go, try to pair it with feminine pieces like dresses, heels or fitted jeans.

2. Look for a jacket that is not TOO oversized. You don’t want the jacket to swallow up your frame or create a sloppy look. A slightly tailored, fitted piece will be much easier to dress up or dress down and will keep you from looking too bulky.

3. If you want a more classic look, try a toned down MONOCHROME version of this jacket. If you’re bolder and love color, there are many EMBROIDERED or PRINTED options that become statement pieces for any outfit.



In case you didn’t catch YESTERDAY’S POST, I think I found a hidden gem of a varsity jacket that’s fully customizable, for under $50 (with code: A16CG)! I already have the “Graphite Heather/Vintage Heather” combo sitting in my cart…


Are YOU going to be joining the varsity jacket team this season?

Varsity Jacket

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