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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.38

Friday Link Love
I would say this has been a good week.

An evening yoga class followed by a wine (sparking rosé cava is unexpectedly delish, by the way!) and pizza fueled girls night out was a nice way to set me up for the weekend. Some weeks conclude with me thinking about all of the imperfections and how I should’a, would’a, could’a handled things differently. This week was… different.

It’s nice to look forward instead of dwell on the past.

I should do that more. We ALL should do that more.

friday link love

What I’m Reading:

•  Have you taken this NEW YORK TIMES REGIONAL DIALECT QUIZ? It’s eerily accurate! (

•  If you need a bit of an escape without physically getting on a plane, you must read this PARIS WALKING GUIDE and bookmark for your next trip to the City Of Lights! (

•  Attention emoji lovers: you’ve been using them all wrong! Here’s the REAL MEANING BEHIND YOUR FAVORITE EMOJIS… you’ll definitely be surprised! (

•  There is nothing worse than greasy fingerprints on pristine stainless steel. Here are the TIPS YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES GLEAMING! (


What I’m Making:

•  Warmer weather always has me craving fresh fruit and veggies. Why not combine them into one kick-butt CITRUS AVOCADO SALAD WITH LEMON MINT VINAIGRETTE?! (pumps

•  Warmer weather also has me craving a good chilled cocktail (balance, right?). Cheers to this refreshing LIMONCELLO COLLINS! (

friday_link_love_ denim_knits_laceup_aquazzura_shoes_flaylay

What I’m Buying:

•  Ok, I went “wild” and impulse bought the NAILS, INC. PAINT CAN in Mayfair Lane — a spray paint for your nails. I don’t know if it was my terrible handiwork or just an unfortunately disappointing product, but it was the worst manicure I could have ever given myself — uneven, messy, chipped within 2 hours, etc. Anyone have any better luck?

•  I took a quick peek at ASOS yesterday to find some fun summer dresses for upcoming events and trips. Now my shopping cart is officially bursting at the seams and I just can’t decide what I love best.

Here are some of my finds:
•  This LILAC LACE CUTWORK MIDI DRESS is everything!
•  … but so is this LACE COLLAR LATTICE DRESS.
•  The colors of this SILK COLOR BLOCK MAXI just scream modern summer.
•  Now if I get that maxi dress, how could I NOT get these FRINGE SANDALS!?

What say you? Which dress is your favorite? I could use some unbiased opinions here…

Have a great weekend! 

friday link love


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