POPSUGAR Must Have Box

POPSUGAR must have box

There is really nothing quite like a good surprise…

Especially, when that surprise lands on your doorstep in a cute, little box filled with goodies just for you!

One of my favorite trends to hit the internet has been the rise of subscription box services. Not only do they make fabulous, well-priced and creative gifts for practically any type of person in your life — they’re also a really simple way to treat yourself on a monthly basis.

Sometimes, you just gotta do you… right?

The POPSUGAR MUST HAVE BOX is the ideal monthly subscription box service for the woman who wants a little-bit-o’-this and a-little-bit-o’-that. Curated by POPSUGAR editors, the boxes are filled with home, beauty, fitness, style and food products set to a monthly theme.

June’s theme?

Sunshine, cheers, joy, togetherness, outdoors, festivities… Essentially, everything and anything you could want to throw in your beach/pool bag for a day of fun in the summer sun! Truly #happinessdelivered.

Let me give ya’ll a little break down of exactly what arrived on my doorstep…

June Popsugar Must Have Box


HAT ATTACK Neutral Diamonda-Printed Sarong (Sugg Retail: $58)

While this is actually labeled a “sarong,” there is no reason this product couldn’t be used as a lightweight, match-everything, summer scarf. It’s super soft and a neutral color which I could see myself styling all summer long, whether poolside or out to dinner.


SISTERS OF LOS ANGELES “Cheers” Gold Bottle Opener (Sugg Retail: $12)

Out of the whole box, I was probably most excited by a simple bottle opener! It’s quirky, it’s cute and it’s something I don’t think I would ever buy for myself, but am so happy to now own. I also love that it’s flat and packable — because you never know when you might need a bottle opened! More importantly, this little guy will look amazing on my bar cart.


WILD AND WOLF Ridley’s Games Room “Who Am I?” Quiz (Sugg Retail: $12.95)

This game was put to the test at Sunday dinner with my expended family — adults, elementary aged kids and teens all got involved and gave it their seal of approval. It’s a fun, pop-culture quiz game that’s easy to play and hard NOT to get competitive about!


NCLA ‘Born On The Fourth’ Lacquer (Sugg Retail: $16)

Patriotic (and cruelty-free) polish! How cute!? Again, something I’d probably never buy for myself but I’ll definitely be using next July 4th weekend. No doubt, my 5 year old daughter will want to get involved, too. She hasn’t met a sparkle that she didn’t like.


KNOCK-KNOCK Are You Ready (For Your Closeup) Compact? (Sugg Retail: $10)

I guess most of us don’t really get that excited about a little compact, but this one is cheeky and cute and most importantly, durable. It also has a magnifying mirror for those pesky, rogue eyebrow hairs that drive me crazy because I can never see them in my regular bathroom mirror. Anyone else have this issue?! Let’s just say the mirror is already in my handbag where I know I’ll be reaching for it with tweezers in hand.


PACIFICA Underarm Deodorant Wipes (Sugg Retail: $9)

Summer means fun, sun and inevitable, sweaty stink. I’ll definitely be using these wipes post-workout on those days when I’m on the run. They smell totally divine and this sensitive-skinned gal appreciates the aluminum-free, vegan formula.


PRESSELS Sriracha (Sugg Retail $1.29)

A. Who doesn’t like pretzels!?
B. Who doesn’t like sriracha!?
C. Who doesn’t like a snack that’s low fat and low sodium!?

One little, pink and white box with over $119 worth of full-size products… so yes, kind of a big deal. Speaking of deals, here’s one for YOU: Score $5 off your first POPSUGAR MUST HAVE box with the code: MUSTHAVE5!

What’cha waiting for? Let’s start celebrating summer — and that amazing Cavs’ NBA Finals win! Did you watch last night!? WOW.

Pop sugar must have box


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