Round + Round (Sunglasses)


Sunnies, shades, sunglasses… whatever you want to call them, are having their moment.

Not only is it summer and they serve an extremely practical purpose, but sunglasses have become a powerhouse fashion accessory in their own right — year round.

Wait, did someone say, round!?


Round sunglasses have always been associated with the groovy 70’s (peace, love and happiness, my friends!) but given we’re living in a time of an attitude of anything goes, bold fashion statements and unique details, it’s no surprise that the sunglasses made famous by John Lennon and Janis Joplin would make their big comeback.



Sunglasses are an easy interchangeable accessory that can help complete any look. Better yet, they’re readily available regardless of your budget — big or small. I once read about a study that compared the UV protection of high end designer sunglasses vs. a cheap drug store pair. Guess what?! They scored exactly the same. As long as a lens is labeled “UV PROTECTED,” you can feel confident that not only are you doing great things for your style, but your new sunglasses are protecting your eyes (and the delicate skin around your eyes) from harmful UV rays and sun damage.


Don’t think your face shape can successfully pull off round sunglasses?!

I have great news for you — the bigger the frame the more flattering the pair! Yes, anyone can wear round sunglasses from the bohemian to the sophisticate — just check out some of my favorite pairs below:

If you’re still feeling a little hesitant about embracing the round sunglasses shape, I recommend trying out a pair with a small CAT-EYE SHAPED FRAME or ones with a BROW BAR across the top — both details will completely change the look of the round lenses and keep the style from appearing too retro.

If you’re less bohemian and more of a glamour girl, try a thicker ACETATE FRAME to give you a poolside chic look!

What is YOUR favorite sunglasses style this season?


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