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Do you find that you’re more drawn to certain types of colors during certain times during the year?

For example, I can’t get enough grey and blush during the coldest winter months. This summer, however, I’ve got a serious case of the blues. If we’re being technical, blues, greens, aquas and teals with a hint of sand — essentially, all of the gorgeous shades typically found in a WATERFRONT SCENE!

There truly is a flattering shade of blue for every skin tone and when you find the right one, well, you just glow. If you’re feeling bold, a monotone look using multiple shades of blue can make a striking statement. These water colors also look fabulous when grounded with a more basic neutral — just like the soft sand at the water’s edge.

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So, where to start…

How about that ONE by MINK PINK MAXI DRESS! I have owned the taupe version of this dress for 3 years and it goes with me on literally, every vacation. The image above doesn’t do it justice because the back has a really cute strap and cut out that reveals just the right amount of skin without exposing a strapless bra strap. It’s one of those under $100 purchases that no one can believe is under $100 — I get compliments every time I wear it.

Oh, and speaking of dresses — I’ve been eyeing that BANANA REPUBLIC BOHO DRESS for a few weeks now. I saw it in store and physically picked it up to try on and got too lazy to strip down at the last minute, hung the dress up and walked out. Unfortunately, that happens to me more times than I’d like to admit. I’m the WORST about trying clothing on! Regardless, it’s available online and on sale (plus an extra 50% off sale price!), so definitely check it out — it will be a sell out.

Can we discuss those J.CREW TASSEL EARRINGS for a second? I’ve been in a J.Crew slump the last couple of seasons. All of their merchandise just started looking the same to me and for someone who enjoys a clean, modern look, the J.Crew aesthetic felt a little too overdone and overly embellished. That’s why I was so surprised when I found out those earrings were from J.Crew! The tassel color and style has just enough “oomph” to stand out without trying too hard.

What colors have YOU been inspired by this season?

water colors

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