Lariat Necklace


Statement necklaces move over, there’s a new jewelry sheriff in town — the lariat.

Once the temperature rises, the last thing we need is an accessory that weighs us down. The lariat necklace manages to be that statement making piece that’s just delicate enough for the hottest days of the year.


On it’s own or layered with an additional dainty gold necklace (or 2), the lariat glistens against the skin and can be worn completely exposed or tucked into the neckline of the shirt. If you ever admired the “body chain” look, this is essentially a toned down, more conservative version that anyone can wear. It’s probably way more comfortable, too.


A lariat necklace always looks best with a wide open neckline — a deep scoop, v-neck or unbuttoned collared shirt are all great options. Don’t worry — this is not just a quick summer fling. A lariat is the ideal accessory to dress up your favorite blazer and jeans look once autumn rolls around.


For a unique twist on the lariat necklace style, why not flip it around and wear the long chain in the back? This simple styling trick can highlight a toned back and shoulders and draw attention to a backless feature of a shirt or dress.

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What are some of YOUR favorite accessory trends this summer?

lariat necklace

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