The One Thing No One Told Me About Aging

aging_hair_care_extensions_natural_headerAs a society and especially as women, we are pretty obsessed with aging.

From fat zapping lasers to botox, to insane vampire facials we’re pretty much willing to do anything to keep the age charade going. I’ll be the first to admit I miss my wrinkle-free skin, perky butt and pre-baby belly button… but the one thing I never thought I’d miss is my hair.

Growing up, I had an unruly mane of super thick, super wavy, chestnut brown hair. For most of my youth, my hair fell into the “long” to “very-long” category and was a constant source of annoyance. Styling it was always a test of patience as it took a good 45 minutes of blow drying layer-by-layer in order for it to lay smoothed. Left alone, it was a force to be reckoned with and most likely ended up in a messy bun or pony tail. It was fabulous and terrible at the same time and most of all, it was under appreciated.

(A blast from the past image circa 1985 — I think I was 6 y.o. in this photo!)

Fast forward 2 kids and about 30 years and while still thick and wavy, my hair is definitely not as lustrous and full as it once was. I grow it out only to be confronted with a limp and tired looking ‘do which then gets lopped off to make way for a healthier head of hair. The combination of hormonal fluctuation (thanks kids!), hair coloring to hide grey and the unavoidable aging process has left me with the shell of my old hair and I’m pissed.

Yup. I’m f*cking pissed.

No one told me about THIS!

I was prepared for the crows feet and laugh lines, the dark spots and the sagging, but no one told me I’d have to part with my hair, too. So now I’m telling you. Now that we all know how it goes down, what are we going to do about it!?

I’ll tell you what I’M going to do about it — fake it.


Take a visual tour of PINTEREST and you’ll see all sorts of gorgeous ombre waves, thick braided manes and tousled, textured locks. What you don’t see is the multiple forms of hair extensions and weaves required to get those looks. Yes, people… chances are half that girl’s hair is NOT HERS!

It’s a glorious fake out.


In the interest of follicular education, I asked my favorite and most trusted stylist, TIFFANI about hair extensions: How often does she do them? What types are out there? What are the pros and cons? After breaking down the hair extension market, we came to the conclusion that for my needs (vanity) and my lifestyle (low-maintenance), the best option for me was NATURAL HAIR CLIP-IN EXTENSIONS.


I was instructed to go to SALLY BEAUTY SUPPLY and check out their human hair inventory. Yes, it’s totally as weird as it sounds. This hair is woven onto clip-on combs that then get layered into your natural hair for a quick and easy volume boost. It’s definitely not for everyday wear, but it’s the ideal solution for those days/nights you want that Victoria Secret runway hair and don’t want to look like a Frederick’s of Hollywood imposter. Once the “wefts” of natural hair are cut, colored and styled to best compliment your own locks, you care for them as you would your own hair with the occasional shampoo and conditioning. Overall, a really easy, non-permanent and efficient solution.

Sounds simple enough?



I had Tiffani work her magic on my own set of clip-in extensions and I couldn’t be happier with the result. The color is a perfect match for my own hue and the wefts blend in seamlessly with my own layers. Best of all, I get that amazing boost of self confidence whenever I have the extensions in. It’s like I’m Beyonce and my mane of hair is gloriously trailing behind me as I work the stage — or something like that…

Anyone else getting frustrated with their hair as you get older? What tools, tips and tricks do you use?

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