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Working from home definitely has its ups and downs…

A (major) “up”: Being able to multitask my day away, while simultaneously raising two children without permanent outside childcare.

A “down”: Forgoing the luxury of getting dressed for work. Yes, you read that right — luxury. For me, getting dressed and looking professional is an important part of feeling productive and accomplished — whether that’s in my home, or in a traditional office environment.

I understand that hanging around the house in sweats, workout clothes and/or pajamas is often times the more practical style solution — especially on those days that you’re busiest, but trust me, you’ll feel more confident and ready to tackle what’s ahead when you’re dressed for the part.

These 6 work from home wardrobe staples will mix and match to perfection to give you the comfort you’re craving, while upping your style game to expert level status.

Fall Work From Home Wardrobe Essentials

Clockwise from top: scarf // jeans // shoes // blouse // joggers // cardigan

1. Fitted Joggers

Save those old, baggy sweats for your next lazy Sunday. Fitted joggers are a close cousin of the old-school sweatpants, but give your body a more streamlined silhouette that make them more appropriate for a home office environment. Most importantly, you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in public in these athleisure staples!

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2. Stylish Flats

Even this self-admitted, designer shoe addict can admit heels are not quite the most practical choice when working from home. Trade in your high heels for a pair of stylish flats that are quick to slip on when headed to a meeting or lunch date AND slip off when you make your move to the living room couch.

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3. Tailored Blouse

File this under: business on top, party on the bottom! Electronic communication and video conference is your main form of interaction with the outside world when working from home, so it’s critical to keep you looking professional especially from the waist up. A basic tailored blouse is a crisp, clean way to dress up a pair of basic jeans for a professional, yet feminine look.

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4. Dressy Denim

OK, so I use the term “dressy denim” rather loosely, as denim by nature is a casual closet staple. However, with a few styling tweaks, denim can actually be a more formal component of an outfit providing structure and interest. It’s also pretty, damn comfy.

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5. Streamlined Cardigan

Just like a typical office, my home tends to fluctuate in temperature depending on the season and the level of AC/heat I’ve got going on! I like to keep a long, fitted cardigan on hand to throw over my outfits and give myself an extra layer of warmth and style.

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6. Soft scarf

One of my favorite accessories for my work from home wardrobe is a soft, oversized scarf. Since I’m on my laptop a huge percentage of the day, I’ve stopped wearing many rings, bracelets or anything that clatters against the keyboard. Necklaces tend to get in the way of the parenting portion of my day — especially when I’m housekeeping, or playing with the kids. Instead, I love a scarf — preferably patterned — to break up an otherwise basic outfit and make me feel more put together.

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Even if you don’t work from home, many of these pieces can be incorporated into both your office wear and off-duty look!

What are YOU wearing to work?

fall work from home wardrobe

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