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The One Thing I Do To Remedy Anxiety

easy anxiety remedy

Seems like anxiety is a fitting topic to wax poetic about on a Monday.

With school starting later this week and our normal schedule of lessons, practices, work and social commitments on overdrive, it’s no surprise that my anxiety is slowly rearing its ugly head.

The worst part?!


I can make it through the full day without even an anxious thought, but as soon as I start unwinding before bed the anxiety hits me like a truck. As I get under the covers, all of those mental notes, ideas and reminders start flashing bright red and completely wreck my ability to fall asleep. Even more frustrating is that when I do fall asleep, my sleep is fitful and full of bizarre and disturbing dreams that keep me from feeling well-rested when I wake up the next day. In last night’s dream saga, I was forced to take a job as a health insurance claim adjustor and consistently deny all of the patients’ claims against my will.

I told you it was weird.

easy anxiety remedy

Regardless, I think it’s time to reinstitute the only remedy for my anxiety that seems to consistently work. It’s simple, easy and inexpensive — the best kind of remedy — and all it involves is a pen and notebook stored bedside.

I call it a brain dump.

When I feel my anxiety creeping in, I take my notebook and pen and start dumping out all of the thoughts, lists and to-dos on paper. Occasionally, when I forget a notebook I use my iPhone Notes App. This process of transferring the anxious thoughts to the paper is all I need to immediately lessen the mental load. In the morning, it’s nice to have a hit-list of things I know I need to take care of.

Less anxiety and more productivity?!



If you’re anything like me, definitely give this easy anxiety remedy a try — I can’t recommend this technique enough! To further inspire you, I’ve curated a collection of beautiful notebooks and pens that anyone would love to display at their bedside.

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Do you have any easy anxiety remedies that work well for you? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments below.

Here’s to an anxiety-free week ahead!

easy anxiety remedy

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