Post-Summer Vibrant Skin

Olly Vibrant Skin medicine cabinet

Summer can really do a number on our skin.

Tan lines, freckles, dark spots, burns, oil slicks and peeling dryness — at this point in the summer, you can probably check all of those off your list.

As my friends and family can attest, I’m a drill sergeant when it comes to skin care. I still cringe every time I think about the careless sunburns of my teens and 20’s. While sun damage can never be fully erased, we can make small changes in our lives to encourage skin health and anti-aging.

In addition to daily sunscreen (I’ve been using Giorgio Armani LUMINESSENCE CC CREAM with SPF35), I’ve been WEARING HATS, drinking tons of water and making sure to properly pamper my skin at night.

You can check out my latest skincare regimen HERE.


A few weeks ago, I took things one step further. For the past 3 weeks I’ve added a daily vitamin supplement to my diet called Olly VIBRANT SKIN. These chewy, little guys give my cells the hydration boost they need from the inside to help keep my skin plump and smooth on the outside. The combination of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and sea buckthorn is a super trifecta when it comes to increasing the cell function that keeps skin moist, smooth and lustrous.

Since starting my regular vitamin regimen (2 chewable gummies per day), my skin has looked brighter and more even toned. It’s been such a treat to wake up in the morning and not find any unwanted blemishes, under eye circles or red patches that used to be the norm.

Hooray for good skin! Isn’t it crazy how much your mood and self-image can change when you’re skin is clear and healthy?


I happened to be in Target over the weekend (a.k.a. home away from home) and saw that OLLY had an entire section devoted to their range of products in the vitamin/health care aisle. Currently, Olly vitamins are available for purchase on their WEBSITE, in-store at Target, or via TARGET.COM. In addition to replenishing my supply of Olly VIBRANT SKIN, I’m already eyeing their RESTFUL SLEEP and ULTIMATE IMMUNITY wellness boosts — I know those will come in handy this winter! By the way, Olly makes a kid’s range of vitamins as well … and a formulated vitamin for men, who are essentially large children when it comes to taking care of themselves.

While everyone’s skin and skin-care needs are different, I hope you give these vitamin supplements a shot. Very few health and wellness products actually do what they claim to… AND taste like a gummy bear at the same time.

Candy?! Great skin?! Over the counter product?! Sold.

olly vibrant skin

(This post was created in partnership with Olly. I was provided with a 3 month supply of Olly Vibrant Skin, but all results and opinions are my own.)




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