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20 Questions, No. 3


Welcome back to the 3rd installment of 20 Questions!

This next batch of questions seems to be less business focused and more fun, fashion-y questions hopefully answered with, fun, fashion-y responses that you’ll love.

(Fashion-y?! Is that even a word?!)

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What’s the one wardrobe essential you can’t live without?

Can I give you 3 things, because I could simply never pick between them!?

First, a GREAT PAIR OF JEANS. I’ll leave the cut and wash up to you, but every woman should own at least 1 pair of jeans that makes her feel fantastic.

Next, a DRAPEY WHITE T-SHIRT. Nothing too tight, or constricting and definitely NOT 100% cotton which is way too stiff. I love a mixed-blend, white t-shirt that hangs perfectly and skims the body.

Last, you obviously need a perfectly TAILORED BLAZER to pull it all together. I prefer a black, single button, long lapel style in a 4-season wool blend if you’re looking for something classic!


When you can’t think of anything to wear, what is your go-to outfit?

See answer above. No really. That’s it.

I wear variations of the jeans + t-shirt/blouse + blazer combo for many occasions. Sometimes, the blazer is the SINGLE BUTTON CLASSIC BLAZER described above, sometimes it’s a boxy, CROPPED TWEED JACKET, or a MOTO JACKET — depends on my mood, season and event. I also vary the style of jeans from DESTROYED BOYFRIEND FIT for more casual nights out, to a more tailored and refined DARK WASH FLARE for business meetings or presentations.

I give the outfit a bit more personality with my shoes and bags — scarves, too!

20_questions_ burgundy_suede_moto_jacket_street_style

Who are your favorite designers/retailers?

Oooh, this is a tough one!

It seems as though each season this list changes just a little. However, there are a few designers and retailers that have remained constant go-tos for quite some time

•  Shopbop — A great online destination with super fast free shipping and returns. It’s all of the contemporary pieces you’ve admired, consolidated into one place.
•  Zara — Fast fashion with a high-end designer feel. For those trends that come and go, this is the place. For the most amazing VELVET BOOTIES (under $70) — this is the place, too.
•  Saks Fifth Avenue — It’s nice to be able to go to 1 store to find everything and anything you could ever want/need. More importantly, department stores are more likely to run regular sales and offer buying incentives that can’t be beat. Take a look at these NYFW STREET STYLE FAVORITES! Aren’t they dreamy?
•  Zimmermann — I am in love with the florals, details and soft textures of this brand. Definitely a splurge, but you can usually score many of the pieces on sale. Summer may be ending, but this ROMPER would be perfect for this fall with ANKLE BOOTIES and a little JACKET.
•  Self Portrait — A favorite for special occasion dressing. All of the dresses and separates are so unique. Cut outs, modern lace and a great fit — what more could you ask for? If I had a wedding or black tie event to go to, I’d totally wear THIS!
•  Vince — I’m a Vince devotee for its well-made basics and modern, minimalist cuts. The cashmere sweaters are heavenly and hold up better than any others I’ve owned. How luxe is this CARDIGAN!?
•  Tibi — Work to play basics for the modern woman. Every piece by Tibi looks really simple at first but comes to life when you put it on your body. I’m currently obsessed with this ASYMMETRIC TOP.
•  Intermix — Once a NYC only boutique, now with retail outlets all over the country and one of the best curated collections online. I love Intermix for giving me that boutique high-end shopping experience without leaving my home. Occasionally, they run an additional 40% off their sale merchandise which is a great time to score those designer pieces you’ve been coveting for weeks. Add a MILITARY JACKET to this DRESS and you’re good to go!
•  Nordstrom Rack — Perhaps it’s the proximity to my home that makes me love this outlet outpost of Nordstrom so much. More likely, it’s the hugely discounted prices on designer staples. Unlike magical unicorns, $99 PRADA SUNGLASSES and $59 DESIGNER DENIM do exist at this retailer.

20_questions_ camera_magazine_tea_photoshoot

How do you create your outfit shoots?

Part of keeping the website fresh and interesting is showcasing styles and looks that are relevant to the season. It’s one thing to write about a certain trend and give you a collage image of different products, but I think it’s so much more impactful to see these pieces put to work on a real body, in a real life environment.

I think outfit shoots are so effective at conveying a theme or focus — I wish I could do more of them. Putting an outfit shoot together can be time consuming and obviously has an affiliated cost, so I try to be as strategic and efficient as possible during the planning stages. Once a time is booked with my photographer, SHANNON, I work on selecting 3 separate looks to shoot. Each of these looks should be representative of a trend or style theme that is relevant to my readers — i.e. YOU! That’s why you don’t see me shooting a lot of high fashion, or overly formal clothing. I want you to be able to picture yourself wearing something similar, going about your everyday life.

Once I have the looks put together, I think about what environment would best suit the styles. Monochromatic? Industrial? Floral? Bright and peppy? It all depends… Shannon and I go back and forth until we figure out the ideal location scenario and we set up an hour time frame to shoot. I usually arrive on location with a garment bag full of clothing and accessories and my hair and makeup ready to go. Over time, we’ve worked out a system where we can capture each outfit in about 15 minutes from full body shot, to notable details.

Even after 3 years of being photographed, I’m still a tough subject — just ask Shannon!

20 questions

Do you have any fashion pet-peeves?

Ummm… yes. Probably more than you can imagine.

Perhaps my biggest fashion pet peeve is ruining a perfectly good outfit with shoes that look like they’ve been through WWIII. Take care of your shoes, people! Keep the leather polished and scuff free and keep your soles and shoe taps looking like new with a quick trip to a cobbler. I promise your $10-30 investment will make your shoes look like new!

Nothing looks worse in my opinion, than shoes that haven’t been taken care of, no matter how expensive they are.

20 questions

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