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5 Things To Quit

5 things to quit

When it comes to living a healthy, balanced life there are always people telling us what to do.

The barrage of new diets, workout plans, fashion, products and general things to do and try can get beyond overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s just all too much.

You know?!

Like total mental and physical overload. Enough to make you want to forgo it all and call it a day with your slightly overpoured glass of red wine and Real Housewives… because, why bother?! You’ll never obtain that goal anyway because of X, Y + Z reasons.

Vicious cycle, isn’t it?

I was thinking about this whole scenario over the weekend and think I’ve discovered a new approach. Rather than focus on the things we should be doing, let’s focus on the things we shouldn’t do in order to get to that happy place — mentally, physically and emotionally. Essentially, let’s simplify our being and metaphorically Kondo the sh*t out of all that’s unnecessarily weighing us down or holding us back.

5 things to quitComparing

Ugh, I wish I could say I don’t do this.

I think we all do, especially as we share more and more of our lives on social media. I am guilty of this bad habit — especially when it comes to business goals and successes. Oh, and butts too — I can’t help but Instagram ogle a perfectly lifted derrière. We all need to quit comparing our real lives to those curated on social media. Although you’ve probably heard this advice dozens of times, it’s easier said than done.

That single snapshot or post is just a small sliver of what really goes on — it’s the one image the individual chose to share and most likely the most “like” inducing. We really have no idea what went on that day in that person’s life — just what they opted to show us.

It’s time we quit comparing because chances are, we’re not seeing the full picture.

5 things to quit

Feeling Comfortable

We all love to feel comfortable.

I just might have the unofficial world speed record for the removal of real clothing in lieu of pants with elastic waists. Comfort is key, my friends. Especially after dealing with the chaos of a typical day. Unfortunately, comfortable is the gateway to status quo. If we want any sort of change in our life, we need to ditch the comfort and take some risks — no matter how small.

You can keep the lounge pants.

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Being a “Yes” Person

For quite a while, I was girl-crushing hard on Bethenny Frankel of RHONY and Skinny Girl fame. Girlfriend started out a simple Upper East Side woman with a dream and turned her vision into an artificially flavored alcohol/food product empire! She even wrote a book about it —  A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life.

While I do agree that it’s great to be able to maintain such a positive and productive outlook on things, perhaps it’s all this yes-ing that’s making us forgo the important things we care most about. Are we ditching what’s central to our happiness to fulfill our duties and obligations that we yes-ed ourselves into?!


5 things to quit

Acting Like A Mean Girl

Is it just me, or is bullying on the forefront of everyone’s mind these days?

You really can’t go a day without a celebrity, notable figure or Today show subject of the week discussing the horrors of haters, mean girls and being bullied. I’m by no means discounting this important social movement — it’s truly sad and my heart goes out to anyone who has felt bullied, threatened or harassed by another individual. Rather, I have noticed that some of the worst bullying takes place when you’re alone behind closed doors.

That’s right — you’re your own worst mean girl.

Some of the things that go through our heads that we say to ourselves, we would never ever say to a friend, or even enemy. We are so harsh and critical of our own being without even realizing it. So let’s be kind, ok?

Ditch the mean girl status and treat yourself with love, kindness, empathy and respect.

5 things to quit

Living For Others

There is nothing better than bringing joy into someone else’s life, but if you find that this is happening at the expense of your own personal well-being, it’s time to reassess. We’re only given one short lifetime, and if we spend all our energy living for others, we’ll have missed out on so many wonderful opportunities, challenges and adventures for ourselves.

Quit following the lead of others and forge your own path. It might not be the most straightforward one, with pitfalls, twists and turns along the way, but it’s the path you were always meant to lead.

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