These Are My 10 Most Worn Fall 2016 Staples


Clockwise: moto jacket // boyfriend jeans // loafers // turtleneck sweater // midi dress // chelsea boots // striped shirt // cross body bag // military jacket // leather pants

Seasonal trends are great, but when all is said and done, all it takes to make me wardrobe happy is a collection of reliable favorites.

These 10 most worn fall 2016 staples are a blend of old and new — but together they work as an under-the-radar glam squad to keep me looking my best. Like a mini capsule, they ground my wardrobe and allow me to easily mix and match pieces that I know fit and flatter.

Basically, they save me much needed brain real-estate for other important things — like figuring out what the hell I’m making for dinner tonight!

(By the way, got any suggestions!?)

1.  Leather Jacket

Suede, leather, cropped or buckled… a leather jacket is always a DO in my book, regardless of season. This season, I’ve been gravitating towards my BURGUNDY SUEDE MOTO — it’s just a slightly softer, more feminine version of the black leather original. The rich burgundy suede also happens to work extremely well with fall neutrals!

2.  Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

I have a few of these in rotation, but my absolute favorite is an OVERSIZED BEIGE NEUTRAL.

3.  Striped Blue Shirt

Yes, I know… the striped blue shirt. AGAIN.

I can’t help it. I’ve been wearing it so many different ways! It’s just one of those basics that goes with literally, everything.

4.  Black Loafers

Have you purchased a pair of loafers, yet? The masculine edge works so well with so many of my favorite feminine styles. I especially love the look of the loafer with CROPPED FLARES!

5.  Military Jacket

I’ve been wearing my military jacket slightly oversized this season, layered over short flirty skirts, that ribbed MIDI DRESS and obviously, my boyfriend jeans.

6.  Boyfriend Jeans

It may seem that I’m off skinny jeans — but that’s not completely true. I simply like the comfort and relaxed style of a boyfriend pair. Although not as figure hugging, I think boyfriend jeans can be so much more versatile and visually interesting for both day or night.

7.  Chelsea Boots

I’m wearing mine as I type! I love my Vince CHELSEA BOOTS — they’re streamlined and comfortable and the perfect compliment to my fall wardrobe. Coincidentally, they’re also great walking shoes that are just as comfortable as sneakers with  just a bit more style.

8.  Crossbody Bag

For daytime dressing, a cross body bag is a MUST HAVE for me. I like keeping my hands free to carry shopping bags, wrangle kids or that much needed cup of coffee. I recently treated myself to this VINCE GRAMERCY HOBO (Happy birthday to me!) which technically wears more like a messenger bag with enough room for all of my must have necessities, crayons AND laptop.

9.  Sleeveless Midi Dress

This soft, stretchy and flattering knit dress is about as unfussy as fall clothing can get. One piece of clothing and you’re essentially dressed! I like to top mine with my MILITARY JACKET or BLAZER to mix it up. As the weather turns cooler, I’ll also be layering this dress over some long sleeve fitted tees.

10.  Leather Pants

I’ve been waiting for months to break these guys out! These are the pants you wear when you want to look nice, but have little time or motivation to actually get dressed up. Leather pants are an instant outfit maker.

Think about your closet — do you own any “ride-or-die” pieces that you just couldn’t live without?

10 most worn fall 2016 staples

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