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cozy modern fall home

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Do you decorate your home with each changing season?

(If so, you get all of the kudos from this seasonal decor challenged gal!!!)

It’s always so hard for me to motivate to swap out old decor for new, just to have to do it all over again in a matter of weeks. While I can appreciate the beautiful aesthetic of a well-styled space, I feel as though I have too much on my plate to spend my limited time on these little details.

Martha Stewart is probably giving me a serious side eye right now… Sorry, Martha!

Rather than stress over those seasonal swaps, I have found it much easier to simply decorate with items I love that while seasonally appropriate, aren’t necessarily tied to a specific holiday, or time of year. That way, I get that cozy modern fall home look without the hassle or worry over leaving those fall accessories up way beyond the fall.

Just keepin’ it real folks. Just keepin’ it real.

cozy modern fall home

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