How To Wear Metallics For Day


Most women can’t resist the pretty, sparkly things.

While diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, there are more wallet friendly ways to incorporate a little flash into our daily wardrobes — yes, even for daytime!

Metallics can be categorized as a go-with-everything neutral, yet most women shy away from adding a metallic touch to their style before the sun goes down. Follow my guidelines for wearing metallics 24/7 and you’ll successfully tread that fine line between cutting-edge-cool and just blindingly shiny.

Styling Tips:


1) Pick a focal point and keep everything else simple.

To keep from overdoing the bling factor, tone down an embellished or metallic piece with muted neutrals everywhere else. The focus will be drawn to the beautiful shine of the metallic, but the overall look will still remain classic enough for daytime wear.


2) Pair with contrasting styles.

My favorite styling trick — hi-low dressing, comes into play here. I love creating contrast between the daytime typical (casual knits, sweatshirts, flats or sneakers) and the unexpected (a metallic skirt).


3) Tone down the metallic with texture –crackle, matte, etc.

If you’re hesitant to try this metallic style, an easy gateway drug into daytime metallics is texture. Rather than all out mirror shine, select a metallic with a roughed up texture — such as a crackle or matte finish. The texture adds further interest while simultaneously toning down the bling-factor.


4) Focus on your accessories.

What’s better than a standout accessory that literally goes with EVERYTHING? If daytime metallic is not quite your wheel house, why not try to inject some shine via shoes or a handbag? It’s amazing what a large visual impact such small details can make.

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how to wear metallics for day

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