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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Girls


Get ready, get set…. GO!

Today we’re kicking off of the THD 2016 Holiday Gift Guide series!  All this week, I’ll be sharing all of my favorite gift ideas for that special someone in your life. Oh, and don’t worry, there just might be a goody in there for you, too.

Today’s guide is all about the ladies — special items that can be purchased on their own, or grouped together for a themed gift anyone would love to receive. When it comes to gift giving, I really like to consider the individual and their hobbies, lifestyle, and interests in order to create a memorable gift. That extra bit of thought and effort on your part goes a long way!

The Boss

Everyone has a #girlboss in their life that’s all business… most of the time. Gift her the small luxuries that will make each workday just a little bit brighter. Whether it’s LEATHER ACCESSORIES, or a PERFECTLY POLISHED POUT, any of these gifts are sure to be a big hit!

The Traveller

This set of gifts is for the fashionable frequent flier. From soothing LIP BALM (that dry cabin air is killer!), to the perfect lightweight, LEATHER TOTE these are travel ready gifts that will bring the style to the friendly skies and keep your favorite traveller looking and feeling her best upon arrival.

The Homebody

We can all appreciate some downtime. The Homebody relishes in it! She’s much rather spend the evening lounging in a bath full of luxury BATH OIL, with a glowing SCENTED CANDLE nearby than hit up the town. WARNING: With these gift picks, you’ll never be able to get her out of the house!

The Hostess

She’s the girl who loves a good party and is usually the first to POP THE BOTTLE! She pours her heart into her home (and COUPE GLASSES!) and works hard to make her guests feel welcome in it. Her sense of interior style and entertaining should be of no surprise — have you seen her SHOE COLLECTION?

Just like Santa’s elves, I need to get back to work. On tomorrow’s gift guiding agenda: the men!

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