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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Kids


Honestly, I just don’t know how Santa does it!

Finding unique gifts for the kids (big and small) is probably the hardest part of holiday gifting. It starts off pretty straightforward when kids are young, but as they get older, our once sweet children become the most difficult parties to please! Ugh, and don’t get me started on those moody, temperamental, too-cool-for-school tweens — challenging, to put it mildly.

Good thing they’re cute.

I spent a good few days scouring the internet to unearth some fun and unexpected gifts for the kids. Hopefully, you’ll see something that will be the perfect match for your “perfect” child!

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Some Highlights —

Have you guys tried a KIWI CRATE subscription box? Once a month you can get an activity box delivered to your home that is customized to the age of your child and filled with STEM related projects and crafts. Kind of a neat idea, no!?

If crafting and construction is not quite in your picky kid’s wheelhouse, why not take a more technologically advanced approach with some fun tech accessories, that are so cool you just might want to keep them for yourself! I love the idea of a PORTABLE IPHONE PRINTER — from party mementos to just plain fun, there are so many creative ways to use this gadget! Since that smart phone is basically glued to kids’ hands, I thought that a phone charger disguised as a CUTE CLUTCH would be the ideal gift for that tween/teen girl in your life. Oh, and can we discuss the VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET?! I had no idea this new innovation was so affordable — the one pictured is only $32!

Next, for the little-littles there is nothing cuter than BABY MOCCASINS — especially in holiday-ready gold! There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with starting your baby’s pizza habit early. How cute is that FELT PIZZA!? Quiet play time becomes an imagination adventure when you have a TEEPEE for your kids to retreat to.

Have you found any notable gifts for kids this season? Please do share!

I have a hunch that Santa might appreciate any creative insights you have to offer…

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