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Cranberry Orange Gin Fizz

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Can I pour you a drink?!

No, seriously. Sit down. Take a load off. Tell me your problems. THIS drink will fix everything.

cranberry orange gin fizz

Maybe it’s the winter air or the cold and dark nights that come at 4pm, but these days, nothing beats a chilled, delicious cocktail at the end of the day. Let’s face it, the rare December nights we have no commitments, all I want to do is relax and unwind in my pajamas with an adult cocktail in one hand and the remote control in the other.

I know, I’m a party animal.

cranberry orange gin fizz

Over Thanksgiving, I started playing around with a gin based cocktail that I thought would pair nicely with fall flavors and use ingredients we already had on hand for the holiday — oranges, cranberries and rosemary. I’ve always been a vodka girl, but recently I’ve been all about the delicious herbaceous flavor of good-quality gin. Now, with the Thanksgiving holiday behind us I was happy to have an excuse to use up the rest of the cranberries in my fridge — waste not, want not!

There is nothing complicated about this drink. It’s simple enough to shake, shake, shake up when you’re home alone in your sweatpants, but pretty enough for your next holiday gathering.

That is, if you’re willing to share.

cranberry orange gin fizz

Cranberry Orange Gin Fizz


(makes one serving)

•  Ice

•  1 large tablespoon cranberry sauce (see my favorite recipe HERE)

•  1 ounce gin

•  1 ounce orange liquor (Cointreau or Triple Sec)

•  Club soda or seltzer

•  Orange slice, for garnish

•  Rosemary sprig, for garnish


  1.  Add the ice, cranberry sauce, gin and orange liqueur to a cocktail shaker.

  2.  Shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds.

  3.  Pour mixture into a lowball/tumbler glass and top with club soda.

  4.  Garnish your cocktail with a sprig of rosemary (optional) and an orange slice.


Since we’re on the topic of cocktails, here are some of my favorite bar accessories for your home or to gift this season!

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cranberry orange gin fizz

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