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sweater knit scarf street style winter outfit fashion

Actually, if we’re being totally accurate here, the title of this post should be, Wrapped Up Like a Mummy With a SCARF Because It’s Too F*cking Cold To Be Outside!

That’s obviously not as catchy, but the truth.

sweater knit scarf street style fashion week milan winter outfit

Thanks to an Arctic Blast (I think that’s what I think they’re calling it these days!?) Cleveland is one of the lucky cities to experience what it must feel like to live in North Pole territory. I’ve got much more respect for you, Elf on The Shelf. No wonder that little bugger flees down here every chance he gets — or the nights mom and dad don’t forget!

sweater knit scarf street style winter outfit fashion

Yeah, it’s pretty frigid out there and I’m taking drastic measures. My oh, so cozy and cute blanket scarves have been moved aside and I’ve brought in the big guns — my sweater knit scarves. While the BLANKET SCARF dominates style with its colors and pattern, the sweater knit scarf’s style strength is in its texture. That texture can be best described as soft and warm as hell.


sweater knit scarf street style winter outfit fashion

So, a few styling pointers…

Since we’re adding a ton of bulk to our frame with a fluffy, warm, oversized, sweater knit scarf — neutrals tend to work best here as they blend in with our neutral outerwear and don’t create sharp contrast. I also happen to think that a neutral tone looks much more modern and sophisticated than anything too bright.

Just like our favorite sweaters, you should try to invest in the best quality knits your budget will allow. A tight knit merino, or cashmere-blend will hold up much better over a season of heavy wear than anything acrylic or polyester. Pilling on sweaters is truly my cold-weather style nemesis!

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sweater knit scarf

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