5 Items That Will Never Come Back In Style


Fashion is fickle — what’s in one day is officially out the next.

Rather than keep your closet in a perpetual state of busting-at-the-seams, here are 5 items that you can donate or toss with confidence. I assure you, these outdated fashion trends are never, ever (ever, ever!) coming back into style!

1. Hidden Platform Round Toe Pumps


There is nothing good about this shoe.

It makes any woman look like a stubby, outdated version of herself. While a round toe on its own is not the culprit (it’s actually quite modern — have you seen THESE?), when combined with a platform and tapered heel the shoe simply becomes a “don’t.”

Try this instead: single sole point-toe pumps

The single sole point-toe pump is a tried-and-true classic. Why?! Because it makes women appear taller and thinner with an elongated leg line. These are the pumps to invest in because you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

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2. Pull-On Denim Leggings


Unless you are pregnant and wearing maternity denim, there is no reason you can’t wear jeans with an actual waistline, pockets and fastenings. Please…

Try this instead: super-soft skinny jeans

Denim fabrication is truly a science and is the reason why there are differences in quality, durability, fit and feel. Designer denim is sold at a premium to account for the better materials and high end processes used to manufacture the jean. If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that feel like leggings but give you the lift and support of traditional denim, definitely invest in the best denim you can afford. Skinny jeans are never going out of style, so you might as well own a pair you love.

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3. Prairie Skirts


You are not Laura Ingalls from Little House on The Prairie. It’s time to bid those tiers of frump farewell and move on.

Try this instead: high-slit maxi skirt

If a long and flowy skirt is what you’re after, give the look a modern update with a sleeker high-slit maxi skirt or dress. This style is designed with a less voluminous fit (although still full and draped) and a daring slit, to show off a bit of leg and provide a more contemporary look.

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4. Low-Rise Embellished Pocket Jeans


Who doesn’t think of Snooki and the infamous Jersey Shore when they see these ultra-low-you-better-have-a-brazilian-wax pair of jeans!? It’s pretty hard to miss the flashy, diamante-encrusted derrieres in a crowded room — a signature detail of this style.

Try this instead: dark wash mid-rise denim

If you’re a regular THD reader, then you know my fondness for mid-rise denim. It’s the ideal cut for a classic pair of jeans — straight, skinny, boyfriend or flared. Ditch the fading, whiskering and any distressing and select a dark wash instead for an instantly polished look.

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5. Tube Tops


No one likes to look like a sausage, so why dress yourself in a lycra casing?! Just, no.

Try this instead: soft silk camisole

Rather than encasing your body in an unforgiving material that shows every crease and dimple, why not drape it in a soft silk instead? A silk camisole skims your curves, slimming your torso and creating a feminine silhouette. While the tube top cuts you straight across, the delicate spaghetti straps and dipped neckline of a silk camisole highlights the décolletage and elongates the neck. To put it bluntly — it looks 1000x better.

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So, are any of these outdated fashion trends lurking in your closet and drawers? If so, you just might be due for a purge!

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